Florida’s consumer protection laws offer you a way to recover compensation if you suffer injuries because of a poorly designed, manufactured, or packaged product. When a product has certain defects, it can cause injuries to the consumers who buy it and use it. When this occurs, they may be able to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer and collect money to pay for medical treatment, physical therapy, lost wages, and other losses.

At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, our lawyers understand the frustration that often comes with suffering an injury due to a negligent manufacturer. We can help you hold them liable for your full range of losses. We can identify all potential liable parties, collect evidence to prove your case, and aggressively negotiate a fair settlement. You can reach our office by calling 800-747-3733. Our initial consultations are free and you pay nothing until we recover a payout in your case. Call us today to speak to a defective products lawyer in Boca Raton.

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How Do I Know If a Product Is Defective?

Sometimes, you become the victim of a defective product and never even realize it. Many household products break sooner than they should or do not work as advertised. You may notice a problem with the design or manufacturing of a product, but you simply toss it in the garbage can or replace it with a better model. In other cases, though, it is difficult to ignore product defects. A few years ago, defective truck tires caused blowouts and tread separations, killing more than 100 people across the United States. As automotive defects commonly cause car accidents, these are product malfunctions you cannot ignore.  

In addition to tires and other car parts, some of the most common defective products that cause injuries and death include:

  • Toys;
  • Baby products;
  • Appliances;
  • Medications; and
  • Tools

Most commonly, we see defects that occur during the design or manufacturing process. Either the item does not work as planned or it has a weakness that leads to failure. In some cases, a product may also be defective because it lacks the proper instructions or warnings on the packaging.

If you believe any of these issues led to your injuries, schedule a time to talk with one of our attorneys today. We can help you understand if your injuries occurred because of a defective product.

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Who Is Liable for Injuries I Suffered Because of a Defective Product?

Florida has strict liability laws that make it easier for us to take on large companies that produce defective products, holding them responsible for your injuries and collecting compensation on your behalf. Under these laws, we do not have to prove where in the manufacturing process the defect occurred. Instead, we must show:

  • The product has a defect;
  • This defect caused you to suffer injuries;
  • You were using the product in a reasonable way; and
  • You did not alter the product in a way that contributed to your injuries.

While this law greatly helps us prove our case, it is never easy to beat a corporate legal team. Luckily, we have the resources and manpower to call on experts to analyze the product and identify the defect, research any other similar incidents with the product, and investigate the cost and impact of your injuries and treatment.

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How Can a Lawyer Help Me File a Claim for Compensation?

Product manufacturers, their legal teams, and their insurance companies do not want to pay you what you deserve for your injuries. They would rather not pay you anything at all, but they are often willing to hand out a lowball offer in exchange for your silence. They do not want to admit they are selling a defective product and pull the product off the market. This makes it difficult to negotiate a fair settlement in these cases.

They will do anything they can to keep from paying you the compensation you deserve. They will resort to unscrupulous tactics and nefarious tricks. It is paramount you have one of our defective products lawyers on your side to protect your rights and fight tirelessly for your best interests. Without a qualified attorney, you could settle for far less than you deserve or lose your right to pursue compensation at all.

We approach product defect cases head-on, with the goals of:

  • Proving their product has a serious flaw and caused your injuries; and
  • Recovering the maximum compensation available based on the details of your case.

Our legal team handles dozens of defective product cases each year and we understand how federal consumer safety regulations apply to many of these cases. We use this to your advantage, using the violations to bolster your case and maximize the compensation we can recover.

In some cases, the manufacturing company’s reluctance to admit any wrongdoing actually helps our case. The insurance company does not want to pay, but the company’s legal team wants the media attention a lawsuit draws even less. If we are willing to litigate the matter to get the compensation you deserve, the manufacturer may meet our demands just to prevent a civil suit.

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What Types of Damages Can I Get in a Defective Products Claim?

Because defective product accidents and injuries can vary so widely, it is hard to give you a specific answer about the damages you could receive or the value of your case without first knowing many of the details we need to proceed with your claim. However, we can offer you a general look at the types of damages we frequently recover for our clients. This includes the cost of:

  • Medical treatment;
  • Rehabilitation and therapy;
  • Ongoing care costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Adaptive or assistive equipment, such as wheelchairs and walkers;
  • Other injury-related expenses; and
  • Pain and suffering losses.

After you enlist our help on your case, we can give you a better idea of what a fair settlement might look like. We will collect and tally all expenses and losses and track any ongoing costs. We work with experts who can help us understand your future care needs and discuss the impact your injuries have on your qualify of life. All of this plays a role in how we value your claim and the range we feel provides you with fair compensation for your injuries.

How Can I Talk to a Defective Products Lawyer From the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine?

At the Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, our lawyers understand how to get the largest payout possible in your case. We can handle even the most complex product liability claims and are not afraid to take on any manufacturer to recover the compensation you need. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our defective product lawyers today by calling 800-747-3733.