Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Represent Me on a Contingency Fee if I Was Not Injured in a Car Crash? If you did not suffer injuries, you cannot file an injury claim, but may file a property damage claim.



If you were not injured in a car accident, then you do not need a personal injury lawyer, as you will not file an injury claim. However, you could still file a property damage claim even if you did not suffer injuries. Our lawyers can help with your property damage claim.

While you would not file an injury claim if you did not suffer injuries, you may be able to file a claim even for minor injuries. If you require legal assistance, then you can file a lawyer who may work on a contingency fee basis. Our lawyers can help you with personal injury protection (PIP) or liability claims if you suffered injuries in your car accident.

And even if you do not feel injured after your accident, we recommend you still see a doctor after an accident. Some injuries may not be readily apparent immediately after a wreck; some may take hours or days to fully manifest.

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How Do Contingency Fee Arrangements Work?

If you have never hired a lawyer, you might be unfamiliar with the term “contingency fee.” It refers to a fee structure used by many personal injury lawyers. Rather than charging an up-front fee to represent a client (known in legal parlance as a “retainer”), an attorney who works on contingency takes a fixed and agreed-upon percentage of the money he or she recovers for you in a settlement or verdict.

In other words, the attorney’s fee is “contingent” upon winning compensation for you. If the attorney fails to collect compensation, he or she collects nothing.

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