Who Is at Fault in a Head-On Collision? We can help you prove liability in a head-on collision.

In a head-on collision, the driver who is going the wrong way is usually at fault. However, if another party caused him to drive the wrong way, then that party may be at fault. Pedestrians, potholes, and defective car parts are just a few other causes of head-on collisions.

If you were injured in a head-on collision, a personal injury lawyer with our firm can help determine who was at fault and/or liable for the accident. You may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

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Possible Causes of Head-On Collisions

Most of the time, head-on collisions are caused by a driver who is driving the wrong way. The driver may be driving under the influence, confused, or simply violating traffic laws. In this scenario, the at-fault driver can be held liable for any resulting injuries and damages.

Sometimes, outside factors cause a driver to go the wrong way. In that case, someone else may be liable for the accident. Here are just a few examples of other parties that can cause a head-on collision:


A driver may swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a pedestrian jaywalking. When that happens, the pedestrian might be responsible for the accident.

A Government Agency

A government entity can cause accidents if it fails to properly maintain the roads or implements poor road designs. Potholes, improperly marked turn lanes, and poorly marked reversible lanes can all cause head-on collisions.


Defective car parts, such as tires and brakes, can cause accidents. The vehicle or parts manufacturer can be held liable for accidents caused by these defects.

Determining how much Your Damages are Worth

How much your damages are worth depends on the severity of your injuries, the value of your property damage, and the long-term impact that accident has had on your life. Generally speaking, people with more severe and long-lasting injuries recover more damages after a head-on collision.

Still, you may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Medical treatment at the scene as well as for follow-up care, x-rays or other imaging, surgeries, and prescription medications
  • Long-term medical care if you need occupational therapy or surgery
  • Property damage for repairs to or replacement of your vehicle
  • Past and future loss of compensation if you miss work or cannot return to work because of your injuries
  • Pain and suffering if you suffer a reduced quality of life, develop a mental health condition, and more

We will collect wage statements, medical bills, and records, and vehicle repair receipts to estimate and prove your damages.

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The Benefits of Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer on Our Team

Here are some of the ways a personal injury lawyer can help you after a head-on collision:

Determine Who is at Fault

We can investigate the accident to determine who is at fault. A thorough investigation is important in all cases but especially in complex cases where a third party may be involved.

We will collect evidence to figure out what happened and who should be held liable for the accident. This evidence might include:

  • Police reports
  • Interviews with eyewitnesses
  • Traffic camera footage
  • Pictures from the scene

The insurance company will investigate the accident but may be more focused on quickly closing your case than on figuring out the truth. Our investigation will focus on determining who injured you and who should pay for your damages.

Help You Seek Medical Attention

You should seek medical attention as quickly as possible after the accident. Proper care will benefit your health and document your injuries.

We can recommend a healthcare provider if you do not have one, and we can even help schedule your appointments.

Handle Interactions with the Insurance Company

We can take over all communications between you and the insurance company, including written correspondence and phone calls.

We can file your claim, submit medical records and other documents, and negotiate a settlement.

File a Lawsuit

Sometimes, we cannot agree with the insurance company on a settlement that adequately compensates you. When that happens, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf and represent you in court.

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Statutes of Limitations in Florida

Florida laws limit how long you have to file a lawsuit after a head-on collision. Here are two important statutes of limitations for head-on collision cases:

  • Florida Statutes §95.11(3)(a) sets the statute of limitations for personal injury at four years.
  • Florida Statutes §95.11(4)(d) sets the statute of limitations for wrongful death at two years.

If you do not file a lawsuit against the at-fault party before the relevant deadline, you forfeit your right to sue, per the American Bar Association (ABA).

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can Represent You

If a head-on collision has left you with injuries and property damage or if you lost a loved one in a head-on collision, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to help you recover damages from the at-fault party.

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