What Is Unlicensed Practice of Law in Florida? If you are approached by a lawyer who does not seem to have the right credentials, you may be wondering, what is unlicensed practice of law in Florida? If someone is representing himself or herself as a lawyer without proper authorization, this person is violating state law.

For those who want to practice law in the state of Florida, they must fulfill a number of requirements. So what is unlicensed practice of law in Florida? It involves a possible criminal matter, where the person in question is not licensed to practice law in the state and could be subject to prosecution.

Should you have hired someone that you later discover is not licensed to practice in Florida, you may want to contact a licensed lawyer to protect your interests.

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Defining Illegal Practice of Law in Florida

The Florida Supreme Court has established the Unlicensed Practice of Law guidelines that the state uses. These guidelines aim to help the state protect members of the public from people practicing law improperly.

Filing a Complaint

As part of the guidelines, the Florida Bar has set up forms to help members of the public file a complaint against the person thought to be practicing law without a license.

What Happens After Filing a Complaint?

After receiving a complaint, the Florida Bar will begin the investigation process. The Bar will first determine whether it has the authority to investigate the complaint. If so, the Bar may refer the case to a committee for further investigation.

Eventually, the Supreme Court could force the individual to agree to a cease and desist order, as well as undergo criminal prosecution.

Can I Remain Anonymous?

The majority of the time, filing a complaint against someone who is trying to practice law in the state of Florida without a license cannot be done anonymously. The accused person can request the name of the complainant. Other than under special circumstances, the complainant’s name will be given to the accused.

Ways a Person Can Illegally Practice Law

The person practicing law without a license in Florida may not be intending to defraud others. He or she could simply be attempting to help a friend or could be unaware that a violation of the law is occurring. Some of the most common violations in a case like this include:

  • Preparing legal documents: Where an unlicensed person may try to help someone complete legal documents or may prepare the documents, while claiming to be a lawyer.
  • Providing legal advice: Where an unlicensed person portrays himself or herself as an attorney and then attempts to give someone legal advice, which may rise to the level of a criminal act.

The person accused of practicing law without a license could receive a prison term or a significant monetary fine.

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Should a person have represented himself or herself as a lawyer to you, and you find out later that this was a lie, you may want to file a claim to recover any damages you may have suffered because of this person’s negligence. You also will want to find an attorney that delivers responsive legal care.

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