What Should I Expect From a Car Accident Lawyer? When you hire a car accident lawyer, you should expect a dedicated advocate to help you pursue an injury claim.

In brief, you should expect your car accident lawyer to be a knowledgeable, compassionate legal professional who answers your questions, helps you understand how car insurance claims work and gives you options for pursuing compensation of your damages.

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Here are some key elements to think about as you consider which car accident lawyer to hire:

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Expect Your Injury Accident Lawyer to Be Knowledgeable

To practice personal injury law successfully in Florida, an attorney must know the state’s laws, case law, and the court system. You should expect your lawyer to be in the business of practicing personal injury law.

Expect Your Attorney to Have the Necessary Resources

To make your case effectively, your lawyer must call on a variety of resources, including experts in the medical field. Investigators, accident scene reconstruction specialists, and other subject matter experts may also contribute.

You should expect your attorney to have a professional team at their disposal, so they can investigate the facts of your case and build a strong claim on your behalf.

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Expect Your Car Accident Lawyer to Be Proactive

You should never have to worry about whether your lawyer is pushing your injury claim through the process, rather than waiting to see what happens next.

Insurance companies and their lawyers want to wait as long as possible before paying you. Consequently, you cannot expect them to move any more quickly than they must. Your lawyer must provide the necessary motivation and impetus to ensure it moves through the process.

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Expect Your Car Accident Lawyer to Be Prepared

The insurance company’s lawyers will scrutinize every document, and they will not hesitate to produce repeated requests for information. If your car accident lawyer prepares your claim with as much documentation as possible, they may have a difficult time in drawing out the process.

And, if your case must eventually go to court, having your file fully documented will help improve your chances of prevailing at trial.

Expect Your Car Accident Lawyer to Communicate

You should expect your attorney to keep you up-to-date on where your claim is in the process.

The onus should never be on the client to chase their lawyer to get a status update. Instead, your lawyer or another member of the legal team should offer periodic updates.

That way, you know that your case is on your lawyer’s mind as well as your own.

Expect Your Car Accident Attorney to Provide Answers

Most car accident clients do not have a familiarity with the law. In fact, this may be your first experience with a legal action. So, it stands to reason that you will have many questions.

You should always feel free to ask any questions you may have about your case.

You should, of course, respect your attorney’s time and not call six times a day (or in the middle of the night) unless the matter is truly urgent. Instead, you might consider sending your questions in an email or leaving a voice mail message.

That way your lawyer can find the answers to your questions and get back to you with the information you seek.

Expect Your Personal Injury Lawyer to Take Payment When You Do

After a car accident, you will have many unforeseen expenses and, if your injury keeps you from working, a potential financial challenge. You should expect your lawyer not to require upfront fees and, instead, receive payment when your case settles.

This means you will not have to come up with cash to ensure that you have professional legal representation.

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