What to Do if Your Uber Got into an Accident in Florida If your Uber driver gets into an accident in Florida, get medical attention right away.

If your Uber driver gets into an accident in Florida, please get medical attention right away. For some injuries, such as whiplash or concussion, it can take several hours before symptoms appear. You could have internal injuries that show up only in a medical exam or scan. Please see your doctor or healthcare provider, and then follow their recommendations.

After you have taken care of your medical needs, you should call an Uber and Lyft accident lawyer to protect your rights. You may be entitled to compensation from the driver, Uber, or another third party who shares responsibility for the accident. We can speak with you about your accident and legal options during a free consultation.

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Uber Might Cover Your Injuries and Damages

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft must carry liability insurance to cover bodily injuries and property damage. Uber has a $1 million liability insurance policy for eligible passengers, motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders.

You should be aware that this $1 million liability insurance is usually accessed when the Uber driver is on the app and carrying passengers.

If the driver is on the app but does not have any passengers, the driver’s personal insurance and the company policy may cover you. If you were in an accident with an Uber driver who was using his or her vehicle for personal use–not on the app and not carrying passengers – only the driver’s personal insurance would apply.

Florida Liability Law and Uber Accidents

Florida is one of a handful of states with a “no-fault” car insurance statute. Florida law requires all Florida drivers with a vehicle to carry personal injury and liability insurance. The “no-fault” clause means that the first $10,000 in medical bills is paid by your personal auto insurance.

However, there are exceptions if you are a licensed and insured Florida driver injured as an Uber passenger. As you can tell, Florida’s liability laws are complex. You deserve to know your rights, including the potential to seek compensation in an Uber accident in Florida. An Uber and Lyft accident lawyer in Florida can tell you if you are entitled to pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Potential Compensation if Your Uber Driver gets into an Accident in Florida

Accidents involving an Uber driver can be serious. Depending on your injuries, you might need surgery or extended treatment. If you cannot work during this time, you might be facing a mountain of medical bills and other accident-related expenses with no income.

Uber accidents, like other motor vehicle accidents, are usually caused by negligence. Negligence occurs when someone fails to show the care necessary to protect another person from unreasonable harm. Maybe your Uber driver was texting while driving, trying to line up the next passenger. Whatever the cause of the accident, your Uber driver did not uphold an expected duty of care to drive safely and responsibly.

Proving Negligence

If your Uber driver acted negligently, you’ll have to prove it. In addition to showing that the driver owed you a duty of care but breached it, you will have to show that you were injured as a result. Also, you will have to show that the driver’s negligence caused an accident that left you with compensatory damages.

Your evidence will have to line up with your case for negligence against the driver. Our lawyer can help you build your case.

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Recoverable Damages in Your Uber Accident

You may be entitled to seek compensation for damages that may include:

  • Emergency room services
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Other medical expenses, such as tests, prescription drugs, and medical equipment
  • Lifecare costs
  • Lost pay
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

Your individual injuries and expenses may be different than these. As Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in Florida, we believe that reckless drivers should be held accountable.

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How You Could Recover Compensation

We do not recommend that you try and deal with the driver’s insurance adjuster, whether it is a personal auto policy or Uber’s liability coverage. Instead, we invite you to call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to request a free consultation. Our lawyers will pursue compensation if you qualify, and you pay no fees unless we are successful.

An Uber and Lyft accident lawyer will assess your injuries, damages, and expected prognosis. This information will be included in a detailed claim. Your lawyer may also do the following to strengthen your claim or lawsuit:

  • Review police reports and witness statements.
  • Request the Uber driver’s safety, training, and driving records.
  • Ask your healthcare provider for a medical report and prognosis for your accident-related injuries.
  • Look at photos, videos, and other evidence from the accident scene.
  • Communicate with the insurance adjuster.
  • Negotiate for the maximum amount you may be entitled to receive.
  • Review the terms and conditions of an insurance settlement.

Florida’s Statute of Limitations in an Uber Accident Case

Although we do our part in getting your compensation promptly, we cannot tell you how long it will take to reach a settlement. It is important to remember that you have four years to file a personal injury lawsuit in Florida. It takes time to prepare a case for trial if we are unable to reach an acceptable insurance settlement.

Failure to meet the deadline outlined in the Florida Statutes likely will put your case at risk of being dismissed. If this happens, you won’t have another opportunity to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can work on your case on a contingency basis. You do not owe attorney’s fees unless we are able to obtain compensation for you. We don’t get paid unless you do. To request a free consultation and to learn more about our responsive legal care, call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine.