How Much Money Can I Get for a Broken Wrist in a Car Accident? We can help you seek a fair settlement after a car accident that resulted in your broken wrist injury.

We cannot know the average settlement for a broken wrist suffered in a car accident. This information is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, there are proven methods for determining the value of your settlement.

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What Our Team will Consider when Valuing Your Settlement

Our law firm will:

  • Identify the losses from your car accident
  • Determine the value of each loss
  • Determine the total value of your losses
  • Seek a settlement that covers your total losses

You may receive coverage for the following losses:

Professional Interruptions

Suffering a broken wrist and other injuries can prevent you from working. Your work-related losses may include:

  • Temporary loss of income
  • Permanent loss of income (due to disability)
  • Loss of productivity
  • Change of occupation
  • Reduction in work hours (and corresponding income)

Our team will seek coverage for lost income and any other professional consequences of your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

Your broken wrist and the trauma of being in an accident may cause:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional anguish
  • Flashbacks
  • Unwanted traumatic thoughts and memories
  • Fear of riding or driving in vehicles
  • Other forms of pain and suffering

Our firm understands how to calculate pain and suffering and will do so for you.

Medical Costs

Your broken wrist may require:

  • X-rays and other types of medical imaging
  • Surgery
  • Follow-up care
  • Pain medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Other medical procedures

The Mayo Clinic explains how complicated treatment and recovery from a broken wrist may be. You may not have to pay for the cost of your medical care.

Property Damage

Liable parties may be responsible for repairing or replacing your vehicle. Our team will seek compensation for:

  • Total vehicle replacement
  • Repair of your vehicles
  • The cost of temporary transportation while your vehicle is in the shop
  • The cost of replacing any other personal property damaged or destroyed in the accident

We will seek coverage for any other losses from your accident.

Why Hire Our Firm for Your Case?

Hiring our team will relieve you of the responsibility of seeking awards. We will take on:

  • Your insurance claim
  • Your lawsuit
  • Defense of your rights

You should be free to recover from your broken wrist. By hiring our firm, we allow you to worry about getting better while we take care of everything else.

As your lawyers, our team will:

Protect Your Rights

We can protect you from insurance companies or lawyers who do not have your best interests in mind.

Calculate the Value of Your Settlement

We will identify the proper value of your settlement by:

  • Identifying each of your losses
  • Providing a monetary value for each loss

We consider not only past losses but those you are likely to suffer going forward. We will not consider the average settlement for broken wrist cases. Instead, we will assess your settlement based on specific facts of your case.

Handle Day-to-Day Features of Your Case

Lawsuits and insurance claims require continuous attention. As your lawyers, we will:

  • Draft legal documents
  • Conduct research
  • File all legal documents
  • Conduct case-related communications
  • Interview witnesses
  • Complete all other case-related duties

From the time that we accept your case, we handle the responsibilities of completing it.

Determine Liability

We identify all parties who owe you for your losses. The driver who caused your accident may be the prime candidate for liability. Other parties may be liable as well.

Complete Negotiations

The American Bar Association (ABA) notes that a settlement is a possible outcome of your case. It is a more common outcome than going to trial.

Our team will:

  • Reach out to representatives of at-fault parties
  • Initiate settlement talks
  • Present evidence that supports your case
  • Fight for the amount of compensation you deserve

We have completed successful negotiations for other clients. We will seek the full amount of awards that you deserve.

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We do not Ask for Any Upfront or Out-of-Pocket Payment

We offer a free consultation to all prospective clients. During this consultation, you may:

  • Ask any questions that you have
  • Ask us about our credentials
  • Learn specific information about how we can help
  • Determine why we may be the right fit for your case

Our clients do not pay us anything up front or out of their own pocket. Any fee that we collect comes from a settlement or judgment. In other words, you do not pay us anything unless we win your case.

This contingency fee structure puts no financial burden on you. If you do not receive awards, then you do not have to pay any legal fees.

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