Winter Park Back and Spine Injuries Lawyer Back and spine injuries from a slip and fall accident can cause permanent damage.

Back and spine injuries can be among the severest that one can suffer and could even lead to a domino effect of injuries, pain, and a decline in a person’s quality of life.

When such damages result from negligence, including negligence that leads to a slip and fall accident, then a victim, such as yourself or a loved one, may be owed compensation for their losses.

A Winter Park back and spine injuries caused by slip and fall lawyer may be familiar with injuries and cases like yours. They can advise you on how you may pursue awards to cover your injury-related losses.

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The Value of Acting Quickly After a Slip and Fall

You or a loved one who suffered a back or spine injury in a slip and fall accident may be overcome with the harsh reality of being injured or caring for an injured loved one. Your immediate concerns may include:

  • Ensuring that you or a loved one receives medical care
  • Communicating with your employer regarding the status of your injury and ability (or inability) to work
  • Ensuring that the injured party, whether it is you or a loved one, receive the daily care needed

These are all essential tasks to tend to, but it is also important that another responsibility does not fall by the wayside. It involves the legal or insurance aspect of your accident. If a party is legally liable for your slip and fall accident, then taking legal action with a lawsuit or insurance claim may be a time-sensitive responsibility.

The fact is that you or your loved one should be able to focus solely on the injured party’s recovery. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that one in five falls results in a serious injury, and the injuries that you or a loved one has experienced may be serious as well.

You do not have to divide your time or attention by handling an insurance claim or lawsuit. A lawyer will handle your personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim while you aim to prevent further harm to you or a loved one.

The period just after your accident may be critical in terms of a lawsuit. Your lawyer can:

  • Gather evidence, knowing that with time certain forms of evidence may no longer be available for collection
  • Speak with accident witnesses, as doing so quickly could be important, considering that memories may fade with time
  • Ensure your case falls within any deadlines, so long as those deadlines remain active by the time you hire a lawyer
  • Ensure you document your medical care for your injuries and the cost of those medical treatments

From the moment you hire them, your lawyer’s job will also be to protect your rights.

A Winter Park back and spine injuries caused by slip and fall lawyer will work to determine why your accident happened, who allowed or caused your accident to happen, and how much compensation you could be entitled to because of your slip and fall. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today at 1-800-747-3733 for additional details.

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Pinpointing Causes of Slip and Falls

The first party that a lawyer may generally assess for liability in the wake of a slip and fall injury is the owner of the property where your slip and fall happened. The owner might be found negligent if they failed to keep the area where you fell free of slipping hazards.

The National Safety Council (NSC) explains that slip and fall accidents are completely preventable and details the many ways a property owner may have been able to prevent your accident and injuries. They could have:

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Ensured That Spills Were Cleaned Up Promptly

Spills, the buildup of condensation, and other moisture sources may pose a clear threat of causing a slip and fall accident. Some of the measures that a property owner may take to avoid a slip and fall from liquid buildup on their property include:

  • Ensuring that employees prioritize spotting and cleaning any slick spots on the floor
  • Making tools, such as mops, paper towels, and rags, available for cleaning up spills, leaks, and other potential slipping hazards
  • Cordoning off areas of a property where leaks or massive spills cannot be cleaned up in a timely manner

If liquid on a floor caused your slip and fall, then it could be a clear-cut instance of negligence by a property owner.

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Kept Their Property Free of Clutter

Liquid is not the only thing that could cause a person to slip and fall. Other types of items left on walkways could pose slipping hazards, particularly if that item combined with the flooring material has a slick effect. A cluttered walkway could ultimately be a property owner’s fault.

Remained More Vigilant to Slipping Hazards

A property owner must be aware of their liability for visitors’ safety. Whether through direct monitoring, video camera monitoring, or other means, remaining alert to slipping hazards and removing those hazards is a property owner’s duty.

Suppose a property owner or another class of individuals exposed you to circumstances that caused your injury. In that case, a lawyer will complete a lawsuit or insurance claim seeking compensation on your behalf.

Your medical costs may be covered as well as other losses you suffered. These include but are not limited to pain and suffering and lost income.

A spine or back injury could have permanent health consequences that diminish your quality of life. A lawyer will seek justice based on the losses you have suffered.

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It may cost you nothing to hire a lawyer, as the American Bar Association (ABA) explains that contingency fees may be a common offering among personal injury lawyers. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will not charge you anything upfront or out of pocket for their services and will only collect a fee if they win.

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