Winter Park Slip and Fall Potholes in Parking Lots Lawyers Potholes can cause serious slip and fall injuries.

A slip and fall could occur anywhere, but when environmental factors play a role, you may have a case for compensation. Potholes refer to depressions in the ground that usually develop due to water erosion or other types of wear and tear. Most people think of potholes only when driving on the streets, but they can also occur in parking lots. When a pothole causes a slip and fall, the responsibility may fall on the shoulders of the owner of the parking lot or commercial storefront.

If you suffered a slip and fall on a pothole in a parking lot, you do not have to face the process of insurance claims and litigation alone. You have the option of hiring a Winter Park slip and fall caused by potholes in parking lots lawyer.

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How Potholes Cause Slip and Falls

When you are out and about, the last thing you expect to encounter is a hazardous situation. When returning to your vehicle, you may not notice a pothole if the parking lot is busy and you are keeping an eye out for oncoming vehicles. You may also be watching for vehicles backing out of their parking spots while on your way back to your car. You may be carrying various parcels and fishing for your keys in your pocket or purse. A parking lot is a hectic space, and you have enough to be vigilant about without any added hazards.

Parking lots, in particular, experience a great deal of wear and tear due to the influx of traffic. Whatever party is responsible for a parking lot, whether it is a public entity or a commercial store owner, they have the duty to keep the premises safe for visitors and patrons. When left unattended, potholes can deepen and become even more hazardous to anyone who walks in their path. A simple fix for potholes is to fill them in order to level out the ground, and a store owner could easily consult a construction company to do this when needed.

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The Responsibility of the Property Owner

Under Florida Statutes § 768.0755, property owners who were aware of potholes for a period of time and failed to fill them or provide a warning to their guests bear liability for any injuries that stem from them.

Negligence, in this instance, will not be easy to prove, however. Despite the fact that potholes present an obvious danger, they may not be visible in a hectic parking lot. It can be difficult to prove that a property owner knew of a pothole before the slip and fall occurred, and they will likely fight the claim that they were responsible.

This is why some victims of slip and falls work with a Winter Park slip and fall caused by potholes in parking lots lawyer when pursuing compensation. A lawyer can investigate the area while also looking into any previous slip and fall cases that may have occurred on the property. They can build your case and estimate what fair compensation would like in your case. Finally, a lawyer can represent you in the event that your claim turns into a premises liability lawsuit.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Severe injuries can stem from what seems like a simple slip and fall. Broken bones, internal bleeding, and permanent disability are some of the worst cases involving a slip and fall. Another thing to consider is the individual who suffers the fall. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), people who have suffered previous injuries to their spinal cords can easily slip and fall on a pothole, along with other environmental hazards.

Furthermore, an injury could either temporarily or permanently disable a victim. Some injuries will require months or years of physical therapy, which can become a financial burden.

If you suffered a slip and fall, make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if your injury does not seem to warrant medical attention, you will want to make sure you address any lingering harm caused by the fall. Seeking medical attention can also help you build your case against a negligent property owner.

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See What a Lawyer Can Do for You

If you are struggling to afford your medical bills after a slip and fall due to a pothole, you know the importance of seeking recompense for your losses. You may be out of work and dealing with reduced earning capacity due to a temporary or permanent disability. Furthermore, the pain and suffering you experience after an injury of this nature can leave you feeling less like yourself and without the ability to do the things you once enjoyed.

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We can evaluate the potential for your case and guide you throughout the legal process while you focus on your return to your health. You deserve the personal time to focus on your priorities and spending time with your loved ones.

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