What Is the Process When the Insured and Insurer are Unable to Agree On the Amount of a Claim to be Paid? If you are unable to agree on the amount of a claim to be paid, a lawyer can help you fight for fair compensation.

If an insured and insurer are unable to agree on the amount of a claim to be paid, a lawyer can serve as a mediator in an attempt to resolve the claim, according to Florida statute FL § 627.7015. Resolving a claim dispute outside of a courtroom can save everyone time. If the two parties are unable to reach a settlement out-of-court, the plaintiff may file a lawsuit.

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Insurance Companies Are For-Profit Businesses

A dispute about the amount of a claim to be paid is often a tug-of-war over insurance profits versus the needs of the insured. As for-profit businesses, insurance companies want to protect their business’s bottom line.

As the insured, you expect the insurance company to honor the terms of your policy. You expect—and need—the coverage included in the contract. When an insurance company places their need for profits ahead of your property loss and you as the insured and they as the insurer are unable to agree on the amount of a claim to be paid, it is time to secure legal representation.

A Lawyer May Be Able to Help

Holding insurance companies accountable for the terms of your policy isn’t easy. The complex documents place company adjusters at an advantage over most policyholders.

Replacing items or rebuilding after a significant property loss is expensive and time-consuming. In addition to the emotional stress, a disagreement with your insurance company of the amount of a claim to be paid can affect where you live until your home is repaired—or reconstructed—and made habitable.

Reaching a settlement sooner, rather than later, is best for all involved. A lawyer can help during the mediation and negotiation phases. You should not have to worry about all the little things that fighting with an insurance company can bring about. Let a lawyer cover all of that, including the amount of the claim to be paid, while you focus on recovering from your injuries or repairing your home.

While time is of the essence for getting your life returned to a somewhat normal routine, it is important to not settle for less than what you deserve. Going to trial may take longer to resolve your claim, but it is essential if mediation is not successful.

If you experienced significant property damage and you and your insurer are unable to agree on the claim to be paid, fight for justice. You did not pay months of premiums to be denied coverage when you so desperately need it.

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