Can I Request a Different Claims Adjuster? You can request to work with a private claims adjuster during insurance disputes.

During an insurance claim, you can choose to work with a private claims adjuster. Understanding the insurance claims payment process can be a difficult endeavor. This gives you a choice between the initial adjuster provided by your insurance company, an independent adjuster who is typically hired by your insurer if their in-house staff is overwhelmed and cannot process your claim, and a private adjuster. The insurance company’s appointed adjuster doesn’t necessarily work for you because they also have to take interest in their company. A private claims adjuster (also referred to as a public insurance adjuster) works solely for the insured.

Even if you don’t hire a private claims adjuster, you can still work with the insurance company’s adjuster. If you’re not pleased with the initial adjuster that your insurance provides, you can contact them and request a new person.

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Communicate With Your Insurance Company’s Adjuster First

Before you think about hiring a private claims adjuster, consider working with your insurance company’s adjuster first. Depending on the severity of your claim, there may not be a need to work with an outside adjuster. Your insurance company’s adjuster will have easy access to your policy contract and can answer questions quickly.

Working With a Private Insurance Adjuster

If working with your insurance company’s appointed adjuster doesn’t seem to work, it’s time to consider hiring a private insurance adjuster. If you’re dealing with a larger claim, and you’ve requested several adjusters from your insurance company, a private adjuster could smooth the claim over.

Also, with larger claims, private insurance adjusters have the potential of helping the claimant receive a larger settlement reward. If you feel your claim needs a second opinion other than your insurance company’s input, a private adjuster could be a solution.

You might also work with a private insurance adjuster when you disagree with the insurance company’s assessment of the claim. A private adjuster will reopen the case and can bring a fresh perspective to the claim. They can go back and recalculate the damages and see if any weren’t included from your insurance company’s initial assessment.

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Seek Legal Assistance With Insurance Claims

Whether you’re working with an appointed private insurance adjuster or the claimant, experienced insurance claim lawyers can help build your case. The insurance claims lawyers of Anidjar & Levine have assisted claimants across Florida, and they can help you, too.

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