Signs the Insurance Company May Try to Underpay Your Car Accident Requesting a recorded statement and hiring a third-party appraiser are just two signs an insurance company may be trying to underpay you after a car accident.

A car crash can result in injury, death, and confusion, overwhelming accident victims. Ideally, when this happens, an auto insurance company should mitigate damages from the crash. These damages can include hospital bills, vehicle repairs, and compensation for an injured party’s other losses.

However, this is often not the case. Insurance companies generally want to profit than compensate you after an accident. While everyone’s situation is different, there are ways to tell if an insurer is not acting in your best interests. Here are some signs an insurance company may try to underpay your car accident.

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Disputing or Rejecting a Claim Because of a Missing Police Report 

If you’re involved in a car accident, get a police report as soon as possible. You will need it to back up your insurance claim and prove your damages. Without one, an insurance company can pay you whatever it wants, which may be lower than what you deserve, or not pay you at all. 

A police report indicates an accident happened and identifies the person at fault. If the police report is missing, you’re likely to be underpaid by the insurer. If you hire an attorney, they can ensure the police issue their report after your car accident. The statement will help prove:   

  • The accident resulted in a loss, and the insurance company is liable for compensating its client for any damages incurred.
  • The accident occurred due to another party’s negligence, causing bodily injuries or vehicle damage. Therefore, their client has a right to be compensated for financial or emotional distress.  

The Presence of a Third-Party Appraiser

When an insurance company hires a third party to appraise your claim, it could mean the insurer might underpay you. The insurer may use a third-party appraiser to get a lower value on the extent of the damage from your accident. Usually, an insurance company sends its representative to assess the vehicle involved in a crash.

A car accident lawyer can work on your behalf to get the right appraisal for the claim. They can work with the assessor to ensure the insurance company receives the reports listed below:

  • The doctor’s report, which explains your injuries and treatment
  • The police and witness reports, which explain you were not at fault for the accident
  • A car assessment report from a liable auto service that shows how much damage the vehicle sustained.

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The Insurance Representative Requests a Recorded Statement from You

An insurance company may call you soon after your accident to ask for a recorded statement. You can refuse this request. You do not have to give a recorded statement. If you do give one, anything you say can be taken out of context, which can prompt an insurance company to throw out or limit your claim. 

If you provide any statement to the insurer, it should be in the presence of your lawyer. An auto accident lawyer will advise you against making a statement to the insurance company about the accident. Having legal representation could mean the difference between receiving an insurance settlement and not receiving one.

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The Insurance Company Delays Your Claim

Insurance companies may use various strategies to delay a claim since they know the victim has suffered financial setbacks from an accident. These damages could include income loss or a pile of medical bills. If that’s the case, the slow process could frustrate the accident victim and prompt them to accept a lower settlement than they should.

Some delay tactics include taking a long time to return your phone calls, losing your paperwork, switching adjusters, or asking for more information or documents.

If you’re experiencing challenges with recovering compensation from an insurance company, a car accident lawyer can protect your rights and safeguard your interests during the claims process. Your lawyer will work with all the involved parties, such as the insurer, doctors, and police, to move the process forward. In addition, you have the right to take your time and seek legal help that protects your rights while seeking compensation.

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A car accident can change someone’s life forever. If you have been in one, you should seek to recover the financial awards that can help you rebuild your life. If you are healing from injuries after a crash, you can hire an attorney if you have noticed signs that an insurance company is trying to underpay your car accident. A lawyer knows how insurance companies work and can seek the best outcome for your case. 

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