Can I File a Paraquat Lawsuit? Contact us today for help determining whether you have a valid paraquat lawsuit.

Many agricultural workers and others who applied or worked around the herbicide paraquat can file a paraquat lawsuit if they receive a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. It may be possible to recover damages from the companies that manufactured these products.

As of May 2021, civil suits are pending against paraquat herbicide manufacturing companies in several states. You may be able to file a compensation claim. You should discuss your legal options with an attorney from our team representing eligible parties.

How can I find out if I Have a Case Against a Paraquat manufacturer?

If you work or worked in an industry where you likely had paraquat exposure, and you now have a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, you should contact our law firm for a complimentary consultation. You may be able to file a lawsuit and recover financial compensation.

Some jobs where you could have had exposure include:

  • Farmworkers
  • Growers
  • Pickers
  • Licensed applicators
  • Other agricultural work

An attorney reviewing cases for potentially injured parties will be able to assess your case and explain your options for moving forward. It may be possible to sue a paraquat manufacturer or join a mass tort if there is multi-district litigation or class action in the future.

Our law firm will provide a free case evaluation and handle the case based on a contingency fee. You do not have to pay anything upfront.

Compensation Possible in a Paraquat Lawsuit

You may be able to recover compensation based on the harm you suffered. This could include:

  • Current and future medical costs for your treatment and care
  • Lost wages and reduced capacity to earn
  • Pain and suffering and other intangible losses
  • Wrongful death losses for surviving family

The value of your case could depend on many factors. Your lawyer will be able to discuss these factors with you.

Timeline for Taking Action

There are already lawsuits against paraquat manufacturers filed in multiple states. The time to act is now. There are timelines for taking action. You should reach out to our law firm for your free case review as soon as you can.

Paraquat is a Highly Toxic Chemical used in Agricultural Applications

Paraquat is a herbicide commonly used for controlling weeds and preventing grass growth. Manufacturers often use this highly poisonous chemical in formulas with other plant killers. It is sometimes called Gramoxone, one of its popular trade names.

In addition, many other popular herbicides have used paraquat through the years, and the current strict labeling requirements did not go into effect until 2020. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all paraquat products sold and used in the United States require warning labels and are Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs).

To use a RUP, one must complete training and certification about the product in question.

The Link between Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease

Those who use this herbicide and work in nearby areas are at a significant risk of paraquat poisoning, which can be deadly. It is possible to suffer severe injuries or death from ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact with the chemical.

In addition, several studies link the herbicide with an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease. The studies examined the relationship between the herbicide and this condition and received publication in a wide range of well-respected and peer-reviewed publications, including:

This possible relationship could allow you to seek compensation for your care, lost income, physical and psychological suffering, and more.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder primarily affecting controlled movement and can cause other symptoms, including cognitive concerns, depression, and more. The most common issues include tremors, gait problems, and concerns related to limb movement.

The disorder is thought to be related to a lack of the neurotransmitter dopamine, normally produced by nerve cells in the brain.

Parkinson’s disease does not yet have a cure, although treatments may help slow the progression or address specific symptoms for some individuals. Parkinson’s disease may or may not affect the length of the individual’s life, but it can significantly impact their quality of life if the treatment is not effective.

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