Who Can Be Sued in an Orlando Car Accident Case? Anybody who contributed to an Orlando car accident can be sued in a car accident-related personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Generally speaking, anybody who contributes to an accident can be sued in an Orlando car accident-related lawsuit. Some of the possible candidates to be named as defendants in your lawsuit may include:

  • One or more drivers whose actions directly contributed to your collision, especially if you were injured in your accident
  • The City of Orlando or another government entity if road conditions or other conditions under the government’s purview contributed to your accident
  • An employer for any driver who contributed to your accident while they were acting in the course of their job
  • Any other individual or institution whose actions or failures to act qualify as negligence and contributed in some way to your accident

You may be able to brainstorm with your lawyer as you aim to identify all of the parties who contributed to your accident and the injuries you sustained in your accident.

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Negligence Makes Orlando’s Roads Dangerous

Orange County, the county which encompasses Orlando, had 22,984 accident-related injuries occur within its limits in 2018, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). While it is unclear exactly how many of those injuries sparked personal injury lawsuits, know that your accident-related injuries could be grounds for you to initiate legal action.

There are several possible reasons why you may choose to bring a lawsuit, including:

  • You have not been offered an insurance settlement that will cover your losses
  • You believe that somebody put your health in jeopardy by acting negligently and would like to pursue justice beyond an insurance payment
  • A motorist who contributed to your accident does not have insurance
  • Parties who are somehow responsible for your injuries are not technically required to pay you compensation through insurance

Some of the conditions that may have contributed to your accident include:

  • Dangerous driving, for which the at-fault motorist may be held financially responsible
  • Dangerous road conditions, such as potholes or ill-positioned work crews, for which a government agency or other entity may be responsible
  • Dangerous behaviors by a pedestrian or another individual, such as crossing the road illegally
  • Failure to ensure safe employee practices by an employer, who could be at fault for some portion of your losses

These and other conditions may make Orlando’s roads unsafe, and anybody who exposed you to an unreasonable risk of harm may be found responsible for a portion of your losses through the civil court’s processes.

A Lawyer Can Handle Your Lawsuit

A lawyer can handle most, if not all, of the requirements of your personal injury lawsuit. From determining who can be sued in your Orlando car accident case to filing paperwork and collecting evidence, you may find that a lawyer allows you to focus on getting better while they handle your legal needs.

You can expect your lawyer to:

  • Pursue the compensation that you deserve
  • Aim to prove negligence by defendants in your case
  • Negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial
  • Defend your rights

You do not have to fight for fair compensation on your own; call a legal team today.

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