How Long does It Take to Receive an Offer of Compensation After a Hurricane in Louisiana? Adjusters typically must respond to your property claim within 30 days.

Unsure of how long it might take to receive an offer of compensation after a hurricane in Louisiana? The process can be confusing, given that there are multiple deadlines insurance companies must comply with. What’s more, the state has the power to extend these deadlines in some cases. 

In general, it could be months before you receive an offer from the insurance coverage for your hurricane damage. This is especially true if there are substantial delays with cleaning up the damage to your property. An attorney could not only give you a better estimate of how long your claim might take but also pursue the benefits you deserve.

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Louisiana Law Provides a Deadline for a Response From Your Insurance Company

When it comes to hurricane damage claims, there is an initial deadline under state law that insurance companies must comply with. According to Louisiana law R.S. 22 §1892, insurance companies must initiate loss adjustment within 14 days of receiving proof of loss from the claimant. Proof of loss is more than just notice of a claim; it usually involves an inspection by the insurance adjuster. 

Unfortunately for homeowners, there is an exception that pushes back this 14-day period for hurricane damage. Under the law, the deadline for insurance companies to initiate the claims process is 30 days following a catastrophic loss. Damage from a hurricane is often catastrophic. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner has the power to extend this deadline in situations where a loss resulted from a declared emergency or natural disaster. This extension can last up to an additional 30 days. 

This type of extension occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. In 2021, the insurance commissioner issued Bulletin 2021-07. This order extended the time insurance companies had to initiate the claims process by a maximum of 30 days. In the end, insurers had 60 days to initiate the process. 

There is an Additional Deadline for Settlement Offers

Under the law, there is an additional deadline that insurance companies must comply with beyond the initial requirement of initiating loss adjustment. Once the field adjuster for the insurance company has inspected your property and submitted the proof of loss to their employer, there is an additional deadline that applies to settlement offers. 

According to the law, an insurer is required to submit a settlement offer in writing to the policyholder within 30 days of receiving proof of the loss. This is typically 30 days from the initial inspection by the field adjuster. 

It is important to keep in mind that this deadline is for an initial settlement offer. The law does not require a settlement to be reached within that 30-day window. 

It Takes Time to Properly Assess Your Losses

In fact, insurance companies frequently make low initial offers that only take into account the immediate damages you are facing. 

These low offers are due in part to the fact that many damages are not immediately available. It can take time to receive estimates for cleanup or repair work, especially when there are significant construction delays in the aftermath of a hurricane. 

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Disputes Can Delay Your Hurricane Insurance Claim

There are certain delays that can also drag out the settlement process. Insurance companies might be required to make an offer within a set amount of time, but they have the ability to negotiate these offers – sometimes in bad faith. An attorney could help resolve the disputes that can drag out the settlement process. Some of these disputes could involve:

  • Whether the damage to your property was caused by the hurricane
  • Whether the damage is covered by your policy
  • If there are disputes over the value of your property
  • Whether you lost business income due to the hurricane

There are different ways that a hurricane claim attorney from our firm could help hold an insurance company accountable in the aftermath of a hurricane. From aggressively negotiating a settlement to protecting you from bad faith practices, they can fight for the compensation you deserve. This can allow you to focus on putting your life back together. 

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An attorney could do more for you than answer questions about how long it might take to receive an offer of compensation after a hurricane in Louisiana. This includes ensuring that the insurance companies comply with state deadlines or negotiating a fair settlement for the benefits you deserve. 

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