Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into Parked Cars On Cape Coral Road

A Cape Coral man suffered a great loss after a suspected drunken driver ran off the road and onto his property in the middle of the night, destroying his parked cars.

According to Police, the incident happened late Monday on SE 47th Terrace near Palm Tree Boulevard after the driver lost control of his truck, slamming into a parked car and causing it to flip over and crush two others.

Jennifer Schaller, who lives across the street from where it happened, said, “It sounded as if metal was crushing smaller pieces of metal. What I thought initially was it was coming from the 7-Eleven back here.

“I did not expect the next day I come out and I see all these cars on top of one another.”

Additionally, the speeding car also plowed through a ditch and took down a couple of trees. 

Speaking further, Schaller said drivers use her neighborhood as a cut-through to avoid traffic on Cape Coral Parkway and she always worried about what might happen.

“They take this road to avoid the main road because that’s where they have the vast majority of the police officers,” she said.

“They come down here 70 miles an hour and they don’t slow down. It’s a shame.”

The driver was taken to the hospital. Police say they’re continuing to investigate.

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