Factors That Can Make Turning on Yellow Dangerous Turning on yellow is dangerous because it increases the risk of side-impact collisions at intersections.

One of the factors that can make turning on yellow dangerous is the fact that many drivers believe they can speed up and beat the red light. Speeding vehicles have a higher risk of causing an accident. Thus, when you are turning on a yellow light, you are likely to get involved in an accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also found that yellow light accidents were fatal mainly for pedestrians and bicyclists. As the injured party in a yellow light accident, you can recover damages from the liable party.  

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Why Turning on Yellow Is Dangerous

Turning when the light is yellow increases the risk of colliding with oncoming traffic. You never know if oncoming traffic will stop short at the yellow light or attempt to speed through it. 

Yellow lights have different durations in different states. The yellow light may last for six seconds or three depending on the state’s traffic laws. Thus, you should play it safe and avoid turning when the light is yellow. 

It’s also difficult to gauge the distance of the intersection you are attempting to cross when turning. Additionally, if the turn sits on a curved road, you could miss an oncoming car, especially if the driver is speeding. 

Ways to Avoid Yellow Light Accidents

You can minimize the risk of yellow light accidents by ensuring that you slow down as soon as you see a yellow light. Slowing down helps you observe your surroundings and avoid causing harm to other road users. 

The second thing you should do is to give oncoming traffic the right of way. Refusing to give the right of way makes you liable if you cause an accident. Once the yellow light comes on, slow down, and stop when the traffic light changes to red. 

The third way of avoiding yellow light accidents is to avoid sitting in the intersection when making a turn. You should always stop at the line while waiting for oncoming traffic to pass. If you are already sitting in the intersection, you should still play it safe and stop. Someone may even blow the red light at the last minute. 

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Familiarize Yourself With Local Traffic Laws

Get familiar with the state’s rule on how motorists should behave when the yellow light is on. For instance, a steady yellow indication warns drivers from entering the intersection. A flashing yellow light means that you can make left turns, but oncoming traffic has a green light. This means that they have the right of way. 

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Steps to Take After a Yellow Light Accident

The first step you should take after a yellow light accident is to go to the hospital. Seeking medical attention helps you get treated for injuries you may not be aware you have sustained. You should also do the following:

  • Collect the details of the parties involved 
  • File a police report
  • Consider working with a personal injury lawyer
  • If you are able to, gather evidence
  • Collect the personal details of any witnesses to the accident

If you are the liable party in a yellow light accident, you can still get compensated. The compensation amount you receive will change based on your percentage of fault. Thus, always make a personal injury claim if you are involved in a yellow light accident.

Recoverable Damages in a Yellow Light Accident

The main damages you can recover after a yellow light accident are:

  • Cost of repairs to damaged property
  • Cost of injuries quantified by medical bills 
  • Psychological trauma
  • Wages lost due to the accident
  • Effect on earning capacity

The damages you receive may not fully cover the cost of injuries or property damage. A car accident lawyer can help you get fully compensated by filing a claim with your insurer. The insurer should compensate you using the underinsured motorist cover. This policy helps injured parties get compensated if the liable party is unable to pay damages up to a set limit.

Side-Impact Collisions Can Be Severe

The main type of accident caused by turning on a yellow light is a side-impact collision. This type of accident is one of the factors that can make turning on yellow dangerous. A car is often designed to withstand collisions from the front or rear. 

A side-impact collision may result in more severe injuries for drivers and passengers who bear the brunt of the impact. 

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Factors that can make turning on yellow dangerous include the drivers who try to speed through red lights and the severity of side-impact crashes. You can seek compensation if you suffered injuries in a yellow light accident. 

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