Accident On Pritchard Road; Motorcyclist Critically Injured

According to JSO, a multi-vehicle crash involving a motorcycle, a semi-truck, and a car has left several people injured on Pritchard Road.

Report says the accident occurred when a motorcycle rider veered out of his lane and was knocked over by a Nissan car. JSO said that the accident took place on Pritchard Road. It was reported that both the Nissan and motorcycle were traveling in the westbound lane when the crash happened.

The impact caused the motorcycle to spin off the road with the driver thrown unconscious on the shoulder of the road. The motorcycle skid across the median onto the opposite eastbound side, police added. A semi-truck coming behind the Nissan rear-ended the car after the first collision causing further damage.

EMS, police, and a number of firetrucks arrived a few moments after the crash. The unconscious motorcycle rider was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance. The four occupants of the Nissan Sentra also sustained varying injuries and were taken to the hospital. The driver of the semi-truck was reportedly uninjured and didn’t need medical care, according to EMS.

Police are still investigating the cause of the incident.


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