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The 2018 Florida Highway and Motor Vehicles Traffic Crash Facts reported that drivers were involved in 403,626 crashes that year. The report further indicates that there was an average of 1,106 crashes daily, many of which were intersection accidents.

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Specific Causes for Accidents in Intersection

There are many reasons for an intersection accident. Some common causes of accidents in an intersection include:

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How To Avoid Port St. Lucie Accidents in Intersection

It is in every driver’s interest to use extreme caution when approaching an intersection. Each time you are approaching an intersection, ensure that you:

  • Look both ways before entering intersections
  • Wait before entering an intersection after a light turns green
  • Check all blind spots
  • Do not change lanes in the middle of an intersection
  • Yield to oncoming traffic before making a turn.

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Common Injuries After Port St. Lucie Accidents in Intersection

When an intersection accident occurs, that means damage to vehicles and the potential for injuries. Common intersection accident injuries include:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Contusions and cuts
  • Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries
  • Hip and pelvic injuries:
  • Spine injuries:

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The Actions You Should Take if Involved in an Intersection Accident

After any accident, contact the authorities immediately and remain at the site. After filing a police report, make sure you retain a copy. If you can, collect information from the driver involved in the crash and anyone who might have witnessed the accident. Also, take photographs of the vehicles and any subsequent injuries. If there is any evidence, like torn or bloody clothing, make sure you preserve it. That includes your vehicle.

Finally, be sure you receive medical attention after the police are done with their report. Many injuries, like a concussion, for example, might not present symptoms immediately. The shock and adrenaline rush can also prevent you from feeling pain right away. Have a doctor assess your condition thoroughly, and then obtain a copy of those medical records.

Port St. Lucie Time Limits for Filing Accidents in Intersection Actions

In the state of Florida, we have a statute of limitations that sets a deadline to file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit to collect compensation is generally used as a last resort if we are unable to negotiate an aggregable settlement with the insurance company.

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