West Palm Beach Roofing Property Claim Lawyer If your insurance company denied your claim for roof damage in West Palm Beach, you might want to work with a roofing property claim lawyer to go after the compensation you deserve.

Your home or commercial property sustained roof damage, and the insurance company does not want to pay the full amount of your roof claim. The insurer might refuse to pay anything, claiming that the damage is not covered under your policy. The investigator might raise questions that delay your insurance proceeds for weeks or months.

All this time, you had to pay for repairs and hope to get reimbursed by the company to whom you have faithfully paid premiums month after month. You might find it particularly galling to have to continue to write those insurance premium checks after your roof was damaged, while having to fight with the insurer.

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Understanding Homeowner’s Insurance and Roof Claims

Whether your property insurance will pay for your roof damage depends on several factors. Your policy will only pay for covered losses.

Property insurance typically covers roof damage from covered causes, like hail, wind, and fire. For instance, your coverage might help to pay for repairs if a hailstorm makes pockmarks in your roof, high winds blow shingles or tiles off your roof, or your roof burns in a fire. Also, if a storm blows over a tree that lands onto your structure or causes an airborne object to impale your roof, your policy might step in to help.

If your homeowner’s insurance covers the roofing repair, it is likely to pay for contents inside the building that were destroyed or damaged because of the roof issue. Sometimes insurance companies will help pay for repairs to the roof of an unattached structure on your land if you have protection for other structures in your policy.

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Your Insurance Payout Will Depend on Your Coverage

Your property insurance probably will not pay 100 percent of the cost to repair or replace your roof and collateral damage like personal property. You will have to pay your deductible. Also, if you selected “bare bones” coverage or did not update your policy after significant home improvements, your coverage limit might not be enough for the roofing damage. You will have to pay the remainder out of your pocket.

Some policies exclude coverage for things like hail or windstorms. The insurer might deny coverage based on an uncovered cause, but an insurance claim lawyer can evaluate whether that decision is accurate.

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Your homeowner’s policy will not replace your roof just because it is old or did not receive routine maintenance. The purpose of property damage coverage is to pay for accidental damage that happens suddenly. If your roof leak was not the result of a peril that your property policy covers, the insurer is unlikely to pay for damage to the building or its contents.

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