Titusville Property Claim Lawyer If your home sustained damage due to theft, weather, a natural disaster, or another catastrophe, a Titusville property damage lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you recover compensation from the insurance company.

You buy homeowners’ insurance so that if something happens to your home — such as theft, fire, or a natural disaster—you can file a claim and collect compensation for your lost property as outlined in the Homeowner Claim Bill of Rights. Insurance companies, however, often find reasons to deny claims. In these situations, you want a property claim lawyer in Titusville, FL, to protect your rights and go over your legal options.

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Property Damage Events in Titusville

Let a property claim lawyer in Titusville, FL, from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine help you with your legal options no matter how your home sustained its damage. We have assisted clients in the Titusville area to take on the insurance companies and recover compensation for a number of property damage types.

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Hurricane Damage

While it seems obvious that the insurance company should pay for hurricane damage to your home, disputes often arise from the process. If flooding was involved, the issue might be that your policy for the home may not have coverage for flood insurance. In other instances, though, the insurer might try to claim that your home is still livable despite sustaining severe damage. We may be able to recover compensation or negotiate a settlement amount that helps you repair your property damage.

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Fire Damage

Fires can damage your home and belongings. While most homeowner’s insurance policies cover fire damage, they often contain exclusions for certain situations. If the insurance company tries to cite one of these clauses to prevent you from receiving compensation, we may need to pursue damages in court.

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Water Damage

Water damage also leads to frequent disputes between homeowners and insurance companies. You might claim that a pipe in your home suddenly burst, but the insurance company may counter that the pipe was slowly leaking for years. In this scenario, our attorneys will collect evidence and put a strong case forward on your behalf.

Other Property Loss

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can negotiate a settlement on your behalf, regardless of the cause of your property loss.

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