Who Decides Where My Car Gets Repaired After A Car Accident in Orlando, FL? Regardless of the insurance company’s policy, you decide where your car gets repaired after a car accident in Orlando, FL.

You decide where your car gets repaired after a car accident in Orlando, FL. Some insurance companies will attempt to persuade you to use their preferred auto repair shop to get your car repaired after a car accident. Other companies may require that you provide them with a certain number of bids from different car repair shops. Ultimately, you have the authority to determine where to get your car repaired after a car accident.

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Using the Insurance Company’s Recommendation

If you choose to use the insurance company’s recommendation for a car repair shop after an accident, the benefit may be that the shop is familiar with working with that insurance company and can get your repairs done faster. The repair shop is interested in keeping the insurance company satisfied, so they will typically repair the car quickly and efficiently.

If you need your vehicle returned to you quickly, this may be a good option for you. Additionally, the car repair shop is likely to be a reputable one, since an insurance company is recommending it, and they want to provide quality repair service. The services provided are also likely to be guaranteed. If you need a rental car while your car is being repaired, and the car repair work takes longer than originally expected, the insurance company may extend your ability to have a rental car if you use their preferred car repair recommendation.

Finally, if you choose a repair shop from the insurance company’s preferred list, it will likely entail less paperwork. However, if you know of a reputable car repair shop, and want to use them because you trust their service, you have the option to go to whichever car repair shop you prefer.

Using Your Own Car Repair Shop

You have rights as a consumer to decide where your car gets repaired after a car accident in Orlando, FL. However, an insurance company will often require that the repairs to your vehicle are fixed for the same price as their recommended car repair shop. Since their recommended shop will be lower in price due to their working relationship, you may not be able to get the same amount of work done on your car at a different repair shop. Also, if you choose your own repair shop, the paperwork for the insurance company will be substantially more, and the repairs are not guaranteed.

Additionally, you may have to provide bids from three different car repair shops for the work you need to be done to your vehicle to provide to the insurance company. The insurance company will then likely approve a median amount of those bids for your repairs. After the amount of compensation is determined, they will issue you a check, and you can take your car to be repaired any place you choose. However, if you choose your own car repair shop, you will likely be choosing a shop that you know and trust. With complex cars becoming more costly and difficult to repair, it is important to always choose someone you trust.

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