Jupiter Property Claim Lawyer Property losses for a Florida homeowner can occur for a variety of reasons, including weather, fire, and water.

Understanding your homeowner’s insurance policy in good times can be challenging enough. But when you are trying to decipher tricky policy language after a devastating storm that caused losses to your property, it can feel like it is nearly impossible.

When it seems like your property insurance company is not listening to your concerns about your home’s losses, is trying to shortchange you, or is purely violating your rights under FL § 627.7142, you need a property claim lawyer in Jupiter, FL on your side.

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Insuring Your Home Properly

As part of your insurance policy for the home, you will be protected from a variety of items, called perils.

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Natural Disaster Coverage

Homeowner’s policies in Florida will cover your property against the majority of natural disasters and storms. These items include:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Lightning strikes
  • Windstorms
  • Hail damage

You may have coverage for weather-related items beyond those we have listed here.

The policy should cover both your primary residence, as well as any other buildings on the property, such as a garage or a shed.

The majority of policies will also include hurricane coverage within the list of natural disasters. However, a policy may only cover wind losses the hurricane causes. To receive protection against flooding losses in a hurricane, you likely will need a separate flood insurance policy.

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Non-Weather Perils

Your insurance policy also should cover perils not related to weather losses. These items can include:

  • Theft, both damages caused and property taken
  • Damage from vehicles
  • Vandalism and mischief
  • Uncommon situations, like falling objects or explosions

Other items may be covered in your particular policy.

You may have a situation where your insurance company disagrees with you about what perils it should cover. Fortunately, a trusted property claim lawyer in Jupiter, FL can decipher your policy and help you fight for your right to receive a fair insurance settlement for your property claim.

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Regardless of whether your insurance company is disputing the severity of your property losses or is outright ignoring your claim, finding the right property claim lawyer in Jupiter, FL is an important first step.

A trustworthy law firm has the ability to deal with the insurance company on your behalf, working toward a fair settlement in your case. We also will document the losses you have had on your property, making sure the insurance company takes into account the actual cost of repairs in your area.

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