Why Can’t You Get Homeowners Insurance During Hurricane Season in Louisiana? You can’t get homeowners insurance during hurricane season in Louisiana because it allows the insurer to delay paying out claims.

Insurance companies make money by paying as little in injury and property damage claims as possible. Suppose a tropical storm or hurricane is likely to cause damage to your property. In that case, the insurance company can avoid having to pay out on your claim by refusing to issue new policies during hurricane season in Louisiana. 

Suppose a natural disaster such as a hurricane approaches. In that case, as they often do during the Louisiana hurricane season, insurance companies will often prohibit consumers from obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or increasing the limits of an existing one. 

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Types of Hurricane Insurance Available to Louisiana Homeowners

You might be surprised to learn that your homeowners insurance policy is not enough to cover all damage that can occur during a hurricane. In fact, there may be multiple types of hurricane damage insurance you need, including:

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Of course, you will need to make your insurance purchases in advance. THis is because hurricane damage insurance providers will prevent you from doing the following once hurricane season begins in June:

  • Increasing your limits
  • Purchasing additional policies

Insurance Company Binding Prohibitions

Binding prohibitions, also referred to as moratoriums, are issued in areas at a high risk for hurricane damage. Generally, insurance companies will wait one or two days before a hurricane is set to make landfall before issuing a binding prohibition. Generally, you can expect moratoriums to last up to three days after a hurricane has dispersed.

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Steps to Take Following a Louisiana Hurricane

In the aftermath of a hurricane in Louisiana, there are certain steps you can take to prepare for your hurricane damage insurance claim. These include:

  • Taking photos of your property before and after the hurricane, so property losses are easily seen
  • Keeping receipts of any costs you had related to the hurricane damage
  • Making updates to your existing insurance policy before the next season begins or a hurricane is getting ready to make landfall

Speak with your hurricane damage attorney before you file your claim with the insurance company. This way, you can better prepare yourself for the claims process and gather the evidence you will need to support your case.

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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Louisiana 

If you want to take steps to prepare for the Louisiana hurricane season in advance, start by reviewing your existing policies. 

Depending on your mortgage, windstorm coverage, flood insurance, and homeowners insurance might be required. However, since every mortgage lender has different requirements. You might not know what hurricane damage coverages you currently have.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Hurricane Damage Claims

Just because you purchase the right types and amounts of hurricane damage insurance coverage does not mean the insurance company won’t attempt to deny your claim anyway. 

After all, they lose money by paying out on hurricane damage claims. Insurance companies give many reasons for hurricane damage claim denials. Some of these include:

  • You did not purchase the right coverage.
  • The damage was not caused by the hurricane.
  • You did not purchase the right amount of insurance coverage.
  • You did not purchase enough insurance for it to cover the most recent hurricane.

What to Expect From the Insurance Company

Not every insurance company is out to take advantage of claimants. However, approach your case with care to protect your settlement. 

Your hurricane damage claim attorney can handle the insurance company on your behalf and pursue a fair payment for covered losses. When speaking with the insurance company, consider the following tips:

  • Contact your attorney whenever the insurance company contacts you.
  • Answer the insurance adjuster’s questions succinctly and with as little detail as possible.
  • Bring your attorney with you to meet with the insurer.
  • Refer the insurance company to your lawyer for any communications.

Your hurricane damage lawyer will carefully examine your existing insurance policy in detail to fully understand what your claim covers and whether the insurance company is honoring your agreement. If not, they will be prepared to fight back and do everything possible to advocate for your right to fair compensation.

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When a hurricane damaged your property or home, tropical storm, or another type of natural disaster, you could secure compensation through your homeowners insurance provider. 

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