When Should You Get an Orlando Lawyer for a Car Accident? You should hire a lawyer as soon as possible to represent you after an Orlando car accident to help protect your rights.

You are able to hire an Orlando-based lawyer for car accident-related matters at any point after the accident occurs. In fact, time could be a factor in the number of ways that a lawyer may be able to serve you. If you employ the services of a lawyer shortly after your accident, they may be able to:

  • Advise you on time-sensitive tasks, such as filing an accident report and seeking medical treatment
  • Provide tips and guidance on how to issue one or more statements to insurance companies
  • Negotiate settlement offers with one or more insurance companies on your behalf
  • Provide their advice as to whether insurance companies are offering fair compensation
  • Tell you whether they believe you are a candidate to bring a personal injury lawsuit
  • Handle all legal services that you require, possibly including but not limited to a personal injury lawsuit

The New York Times notes that making the wrong decision with respect to a lawsuit could be costly, and a lawyer could help you work through the many decisions you may face in the wake of an Orlando car accident.

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The Possible Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

To be clear, you do not have to hire a lawyer in order to obtain compensation for your losses. You could represent yourself:

  • In correspondence and negotiations with insurance companies
  • In any lawsuit that you choose to pursue

If you choose to represent yourself pro se (without a lawyer’s assistance), then you may:

  • Need to spend a significant amount of time and effort if you hope to have a successful outcome
  • Need to conduct significant research into the legal process in general and legal issues pertaining to your lawsuit specifically, especially if you have no prior legal experience
  • Possibly worsen any injuries that you sustained in the crash due to the effort that may be required to bring a lawsuit on your own

Conversely, when you hire an Orlando-based lawyer to help with your car accident lawsuit, you may:

  • Leave the significant majority of legal duties for your lawsuit up to your lawyer
  • Be able to focus on your recovery while your lawyer handles legal matters
  • Have significant assistance in all aspects of your lawsuit, from investigation and evidence recovery to the actual execution of your lawsuit
  • Have a second set of eyes to help with your lawsuit
  • Be as involved or uninvolved with your lawsuit as you desire

A lawyer may be able to assist with your lawsuit regardless of how far into the process you are. Whether you are just beginning to consider the possibility of a lawsuit or you are well into the legal process, you have the option of calling a legal team to learn how they may be able to assist you.

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If you are considering a lawsuit, you may not want to wait to call a legal team. Per Florida Statute 95.11, you may have limited time to bring a personal injury lawsuit, and even less time if you hope to bring a wrongful death case.

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