What Ways Can Car Accident Lawyers Help You Overcome Your Losses? Car accident lawyers help you overcome losses from injuries, vehicle damage, lost wages, and any other expenses.

Although no financial settlement can erase what you have endured, car accident lawyers can help you overcome the financial losses associated with vehicle crashes and their injuries. This includes the cost of your medical care and treatment, damage to your vehicle, and lost wages if your injuries prevent you from working.

If you sustained long-term disability or permanent physical damages, an injury accident lawyer could help you obtain a financial settlement that will pay for your future care and, if applicable, lost income and loss of earning capacity.

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Current and Future Medical Treatment, Care, and Rehabilitation

Your injury accident claim will include all costs for medical care that your doctor deems necessary because of the crash. This might include emergency room visits, hospital stays, doctor visits, testing, medication, therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, and any other type of treatment or personal care.

Anticipating future losses, your car accident lawyer will consult with your doctors and medical experts to determine the type of treatment and care you will need in the future, and also add that to your claim.

From a legal perspective, any injuries you suffer in an injury accident caused by someone’s negligent action are losses or damages. The nature of negligence actions seeks to make the injured party whole, or equal to where they were before the car accident.

Unfortunately, the fragility of the human body does not allow that to happen. However, a car accident lawyer can use legal formulas and case law to establish a financial value for any long-term or permanent damage you sustained.

Vehicle Repair or Replacement

Injury accident lawyers can help you compel the at-fault party or their insurance carrier to repair or replace your vehicle to a condition at least equal to its pre-accident condition.

If the nature of the damage to your vehicle means that it will depreciate faster than if the wreck had not occurred, your lawyer can ask the other party’s insurer to pay for its “diminished value.”

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Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses may include the cost of having your car towed, any personal property that sustained damage or loss during the accident, costs for obtaining copies of your medical records, etc.

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Current and Future Lost Wages, Income, and Earning Capacity

Your lawyer will include in your claim any lost wages from the date of the accident through the date of claim submission. And, if your doctors believe your injuries will prevent you from working in the future, your lawyer will also include an estimate of future lost wages.

If your injuries affect your ability to return to your normal line of work in the long-term – and you have to accept a lower salary or hourly wage as a result – your car accident lawyers can include your diminished earning capacity.

Emotional and Psychological Damage

It is not only your body that takes a beating in a serious car accident. Emotional and mental issues commonly affect accident victims. These issues could range from insomnia and anxiety to PTSD and severe depression. Some accident victims cannot resume driving until the obtain treatment for the emotional damage of a serious crash.

Fortunately, your car accident lawyers can include a value for psychological harm — generally referred to as pain and suffering — in your claim.

Your lawyer can also include the loss of life enjoyment in your claim. For example, if you previously spent every Saturday morning at the park, playing soccer with your children – but you can no longer enjoy this activity after your accident – your lawyer can demonstrate that you lost the ability to enjoy that aspect of your life.

These items represent some of the most common losses that car accident lawyers help clients recover. However, your lawyers can include almost any type of loss in your claim, as long as it has a legal basis and your attorneys can document it sufficiently.

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