What Should I Do in the Days Following a Truck Accident? What you do in the days after a truck accident includes getting medical attention and reaching out to a law firm for help.

For assistance with your physical and financial recovery, what you should do in the days following a truck accident includes:

  • Getting in touch with a law firm for help with filing an insurance claim or lawsuit
  • Continuing to follow all medical advice and keep all follow-up appointments
  • Starting a file for your accident-related records, reports, bills, and estimates

The days after a truck accident can be full of physical pain, emotional anxiety, and financial uncertainty. Taking these steps can make it easier for you and a medical team to optimize your physical recovery. They can also help ensure you and your lawyer are able to prove the truck driver, his employer, the company that built his truck, or the company that supplied its components are at fault for causing the accident.

If your lawyer proves that the other party was at fault for the accident, you might be able to collect financial compensation for your injuries.

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How a Lawyer Can Help You

In the days following a truck accident, your relationship with your lawyer is important. In fact, you should avoid speaking to anyone before speaking to a lawyer. Any statements you make may be misconstrued, which could have a negative effect on your ability to collect compensation due to Florida’s comparative fault laws.

According to Florida Statutes § 95.11, you generally have four years to file a personal injury lawsuit. Not filing your lawsuit on time could limit or eliminate your right to compensation due to the other party’s negligence. A lawyer can help you file your lawsuit within four years.

Keep All Accident-Related Medical Records and Bills

Your medical records and bills will help your lawyer start calculating the cost of the accident. These records tell your lawyer the extent of your injuries and the amount of work your injuries force you to miss.

The injuries from a collision between your passenger vehicle and a large truck can be substantial. In the days after a truck accident, it is important that you follow all medical advice. Do not stop receiving medical care until your healthcare team releases you. Your lawyer may be able to help you hold the at-fault truck driver financially responsible for the full cost of your medical care.

Paperwork Is an Important Part of Your Personal Injury Claim

As soon as possible, obtain two copies of your crash report. In Florida, Florida Statutes § 316.066 requires you to call the police to the scene of an accident if one of the following occurs:

  • Anyone involved was injured
  • Anyone involved died
  • Either vehicle required towing

As soon as it is available, get a copy of your crash report for your lawyer. It will contain contact information for:

  • The at-fault truck driver
  • His employer and insurer
  • Witnesses to the accident
  • The investigating officer

Your crash report will also tell your lawyer the date of the accident, which can help them comply with the statute of limitations. It will also contain many other details that help prove the cause of the accident.

Your Crash Report Is Only the Beginning

The documents, pictures, reports, and other forms of evidence that make up your evidence file paint the picture of the accident. They can help your lawyer prove the role of negligence in the accident and prove its financial impact. Provide your lawyer with:

  • Medical records and bills to prove the cause and cost of your injuries
  • Pictures of your injuries and of your vehicle from a variety of angles
  • Witness statements and testimonials
  • Any tickets or other violations the at-fault driver received
  • Tax forms, direct deposit receipts, and other proof of lost income
  • Vehicle repair bills or estimates or the value of your car if it requires replacing

Maintain a file containing these items along with receipts for anything that relates to the accident or to your injuries. The lawyer who represents you may be able to use these items to prove the cause, cost, and effect of the accident.

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Let Our Team Go to Work for You

You may want to consider getting legal care, receiving proper medical attention, and gathering necessary paperwork in the days following your truck accident. A lawyer can help you prove the negligence that led to the accident and the value of your claim.

While our team works on your truck accident case, you can concentrate on getting better. Start building a case for financial recovery for the truck accident by contacting the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733.