What Should I Do at the Scene of an Orlando Car Accident? Among other things, you should document your accident and injuries, and collect contact information of relevant parties at the scene of an Orlando car accident.

While you are at the scene of an Orlando car accident, you should:

  • Examine yourself thoroughly for any injuries sustained during the collision
  • Call law enforcement to report your accident
  • Allow emergency response professionals to examine you for injuries, and to administer treatment for any injuries that they find no matter how minor you may think the injuries are
  • Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and any visible injuries
  • Write down relevant information pertaining to others involved in the accident, including names, contact information, insurance companies, and driver’s license and license plate numbers, per Allstate
  • Obtain any documentation that you can of police reports, medical care you receive, and any other pieces of information relevant in any way to your accident or injuries

When it comes to car accidents you can never have enough documentation, as you never know how such documents could prove relevant or helpful at a later date.

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Call a Legal Team to Be Fully Informed of Your Rights

Nobody expects to be in a car accident, so the time after an accident can be riddled with unanticipated questions and concerns. Your actions matter beyond what you do at the scene of an Orlando car accident, and speaking with a legal team could be in your interest.

A lawyer may be able to:

  • Serve as a calming force
  • Help you organize your thoughts and accident-related to-do list in a logical manner
  • Inform you of any relevant filing requirements, such as Florida Statute 316.066, which governs your need to report an accident if law enforcement reports do not exist or are not sufficient
  • Help you obtain adequate medical care and organize documentation of your injuries and care, which could be central to any lawsuit you choose to file
  • Correspond with insurance companies on your behalf so that you do not make any misstatements or unwittingly commit to any offers
  • Assess the details of your accident and inform you of the legal implications pertaining to fault and liability
  • Explain all of your options for seeking compensation

A lawyer may be able to advise you on several aspects of your accident, from issues concerning your health to legal matters. Should you choose to pursue a lawsuit, a lawyer may calculate the compensation that you are entitled to and wage a fight for your awards.

A Car Accident Can Be Life-Altering

When a car accident causes one or more serious injuries, you may:

  • Find yourself confined to a hospital bed
  • Require diagnostic tests, direct treatment, and rehabilitation to restore your health
  • Be unable to work at all for a lengthy period of time, and may never be able to complete the same type of work or earn the same amount of money that you did before your accident
  • Experience significant mental anguish and physical pain

A lawyer will cite these and any other losses as they aim to pursue compensation for you.

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