What Should I Do At the Scene Of a Car Accident In Fort Lauderdale? If you are involved in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, you should do a few things at the accident scene, including calling 911, taking pictures of the accident scene, and exchanging insurance information with the other driver.

What you should do at the scene of a car accident in Fort Lauderdale will depend on the severity of your injuries. If possible, take these important steps right away:

  • Call 911 to request the presence of Fort Lauderdale police and an ambulance for anyone who is injured
  • Remove your vehicle from the flow of traffic
  • Take pictures of your vehicle from a variety of angles
  • Take pictures that depict road and weather conditions
  • Exchange insurance information with the at-fault driver
  • Collect contact information for any eye-witnesses

Taking these steps will ensure your injuries are treated and help ensure you have the information you may need to file a compensation claim against the at-fault driver if you decide to go that route.

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Let Cooler Heads Prevail At An Accident Scene

The suddenness and unexpectedness of a car accident can leave you stressed and frustrated. Even when your emotions are on edge, avoid arguing with the at-fault driver at the accident scene, comply with any requests from police, and take advantage of assistance from emergency medical personnel. Your first priority at the accident scene should be getting immediate medical attention for anyone who is injured.

Get Medical Treatment At The Scene

You should accept medical care even if you do not feel injured. Doing so will serve two important purposes:

  • Ensure you do not have any hidden or undetected accident injuries
  • Create a medical record that will support a potential future compensation claim

You are entitled to financial recovery of any medical bills related to your Fort Lauderdale car accident no matter how minor your injuries might seem at the scene. Florida Statute §627.736 will ensure your PIP (personal injury protection) insurance covers the cost of your immediate medical care.

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Initiate a Police Report at the Accident Scene

If the car accident you were involved in appears to have been minor, you might consider not filing a police report, or the other driver might suggest not filing one. However, you should not avoid this important step. Florida Statute §316.066 makes a crash report mandatory in Florida if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Anyone is killed in the accident
  • Anyone is injured in the accident
  • Either vehicle is seriously damaged
  • Alcohol appears to be or may have been involved
  • Either car must be towed away
  • Either car is a commercial vehicle

Your police report will document many important aspects of your claim and can help your lawyer build a successful claim for compensation.

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What you do at the scene of a car accident in Fort Lauderdale can go a long way toward supporting your potential claim for compensation. As soon after the accident occurs as possible, contact our personal injury team. We will handle your case with the care and concern you deserve and responsive legal care that keeps you informed every step of the way. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733, where we go the extra mile to ensure you can focus on getting better because we take care of everything else.