What Photographs and Other Documentation Will Be Helpful to My Attorney in Pursuing My Car Accident Claim? Find out what evidence, including photographs and other documentation, your attorney needs to pursue your car accident claim.

Your car accident claim rests on evidence. The more of it your attorney has, the easier he or she can prove several facts needed for the best outcome to your case.

Car accident evidence comes in two forms – physical and non-physical evidence. Physical evidence refers to the tangible things you can see and touch. For instance, photographs, video surveillance footage, and the vehicle itself. Non-physical evidence includes eyewitness accounts, expert witness testimony, police reports, and things like that.

A good mix of physical and non-physical evidence can help your attorney build a comprehensive case that, one, establishes you as the victim and the other driver as the at-fault party, and two, results in you winning the full compensation that you deserve.

Here are few things that will be helpful to your attorney in pursuing your claim:

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If you are in a position to do so, it is always a good idea to take many pictures of the accident scene with your phone. While accident reconstruction after the fact can be insightful, nothing provides a better look at the crash than photos taken at the scene.

Try to take photos of all vehicles involved, and from as many angles and vantage points as possible. If you have physical injuries, such as bruises, cuts, scrapes, or sprains, capture those with your camera, too. This comes in handy after you see a doctor and receive a diagnosis of your injuries. Your attorney can connect your medical diagnosis to your injury photos from the accident scene, and, in turn, show that your injuries indisputably occurred as a result of the crash.

Video Surveillance

If your accident occurred anywhere near a business, an intersection featuring a traffic camera, or anywhere else where video footage is a possibility, alert your attorney so that he or she can try to track down this footage. Perhaps a bystander was filming something on their phone and happened to catch some or all of your accident. Video footage is compelling evidence because it shows exactly what happened in the crash.

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Medical Records and Bills

It is important to see a doctor right away after a car accident. Even if you feel fine, you might have internal injuries of which you are unaware. The sooner after the crash a doctor provides you with an official diagnosis of your injuries, the easier it is for your attorney to connect those injuries to the accident.

The problem with waiting weeks or months to see a doctor is that although the doctor’s examination may show that your injuries resuted from the accident, the other driver or their insurance company might cast doubt on this fact, suggesting that perhaps another incident occurred in the meantime that caused your injuries.

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Witness Statements

While still at the scene of the accident, try to gather statements from anyone who saw what happened. If this is too much at the time, at least get their contact information so that your attorney can follow up with them at a later date. If necessary, your lawyer might also bring in expert witnesses to offer help with explaining the nature of and the cost to treat your injuries, accident reconstruction, and such.

Police Report

If the police report lists the other driver as the at-fault party, it can bolster your case in a big way. It is most helpful if it shows that police cited the driver for breaking a traffic law, such as failure to yield, running a red light, or following too closely. In Florida, police reports of traffic accidents are public record after 60 days following the accident.

Work Record

Your attorney should pursue several types of damages, one being lost wages for your time away from work. Your lawyer needs your work records to show how many hours you work in a typical week, what your earnings are, and to what extent your employer has had to reduce your hours and pay since the accident.

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