What Percentage Do Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Take? A personal injury lawyer may generally take up to either 33% or 40% of your winnings, though percentages may vary depending on the amount of your winnings.

The percentage of your winnings that Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers take may generally depend on the amount of compensation you receive, as well as other factors. The Florida Bar notes that a contingency fee may be up to either 33.3% or 40% (at the highest) for winnings up to $1 million, depending on when the case is settled. The percentage of winnings that your lawyer collects may vary once your settlement or judgement passes the $1 million-mark.

The arrangement that allows your lawyer to collect their fee as a percentage of your winnings is referred to as a contingency fee. You will be aware of your lawyer’s fees before they begin representing you, and you may also want to be aware of the benefits of contingency-fee pay structures.

The Upside of Contingency Fees

The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that contingency fees mean that you only pay your lawyer if they win compensation for you. As a client, this may provide you with several benefits, including:

  • That you will not have to pay anything upfront for legal services
  • That you will not have to pay anything out-of-pocket for your lawyer’s representation
  • That you will not be held financially responsible for legal services if your lawyer does not negotiate a settlement or win a judgement
  • That your lawyer has a substantial incentive to win your case, as they only get paid for their efforts if you receive compensation
  • That your lawyer may be less likely to take your case unless they believe that you could win—otherwise, they would be wasting their time and resources

A contingency-fee arrangement could be especially helpful if you would not otherwise have the financial resources to pay a lawyer out of your own pocket. The percentage that your Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer takes will not come from your own financial resources, under any circumstances, if they take your case on a contingency-fee basis.

What Your Contingency Fee Pays For

Your lawyer has a large stake in winning your case if their fee is contingent on you receiving compensation, so they may do everything in their power to negotiate a settlement or win a judgement for you or your loved one. Some services and benefits that you may receive in return for your promise to pay a contingency fee include:

  • Hiring of experts to testify that you are the victim of negligence
  • Interviews with witnesses who saw your accident or circumstances that directly contributed to your accident
  • Gathering of evidence, such as documentation of your accident scene and recordings of the accident itself
  • Documentation of your injuries
  • All lawsuit-related paperwork, including the initial filing of your suit
  • Court appearances on your behalf
  • The time and effort required to negotiate a pre-trial settlement
  • The resources required to complete a trial
  • Filing of any appeal if your lawsuit does not result in the outcome you and your lawyer aim for

In addition to these benefits, your lawyer will defend your rights, provide strategy for collecting compensation, and handle all aspects of your lawsuit within their power. Though you may be responsible for certain fees if your case is not successful, you may be able to receive all of these lawyer-provided benefits at no personal expense.

Your Lawyer Will Pinpoint the Cause of Your Accident

Your lawyer may review the facts of your accident, examine all available evidence, and then determine all of the parties responsible for your losses. Some possible defendants to be named in your lawsuit are:

  • The motorist who most obviously caused your accident
  • Any other motorists whose actions contributed to your accident
  • An employer of any motorist involved in your accident who was working at the time of the collision
  • A ridesharing company whose contractor caused your accident
  • A vehicle or parts manufacturer whose product contributed to your accident
  • Any other party whose actions or failures to take necessary care contributed to your injuries

The parties responsible for your accident and losses may generally be at fault for specific actions or failures. A motorist may speed, text and drive, tailgate, drive while impaired, or engage in any number of other actions that put you or your loved one at risk. Employers could be held responsible because of strict liability, or may take actions that put you in harm’s way, such as demanding that employees drive when they are unfit.

Your lawyer may be able to determine how much each defendant owes you for your losses then pursue those losses.

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