What Percentage Do Orlando Car Accident Lawyers Take? Lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis may generally take somewhere between 33 percent and 40 percent of your winnings, though the percentage could vary.

According to the Florida Bar, an Orlando car accident lawyer may be entitled to somewhere between 33 and 40 percent of any judgment or settlement that they help you win. In any specific case, the percentage may:

  • Be higher or lower than the above percentages, as every lawyer may charge different contingency fees
  • Vary depending on the amount of compensation that you collect
  • Reflect the work that your lawyer does to help you obtain any compensatory damages that come from a settlement or judgment

You may find that a contingency-fee payment arrangement makes sense for both you and your lawyer under the conditions present in a personal injury lawsuit.

When Contingency-Fee Arrangements Make Sense

There may be several reasons why a lawyer may work on a contingency fee basis in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, including:

  • The upfront cost of hiring a lawyer can be prohibitively high, as explained by the Center for American Progress, and this cost could exclude countless clients from receiving legal representation if they were required to pay out-of-pocket
  • A contingency-fee arrangement means that the lawyer is as invested in receiving compensation as their client (you), as they only get paid if you get paid
  • A contingency-fee arrangement may allow lawyers to take the most deserving cases and clients, rather than choosing cases based on who is able to pay the most money

When you engage in a contingency-fee arrangement with your lawyer, then you may:

  • Not have to pay anything upfront
  • Not have to pay anything out of pocket
  • Only have to pay your lawyer if you win compensation, in which case their fee may come as a percentage of your settlement or judgment
  • Determine the terms of the contingency fee before your lawyer begins work on your case so that you are completely aware of terms

You and your lawyer may then work together to achieve an outcome that benefits you.

You Could Win a Judgement or Settlement Covering Your Losses

Once you retain a lawyer to represent you in your Orlando car accident case, then your lawyer may:

  • Determine the ways in which you were a victim of negligence
  • Identify the party or parties responsible for your losses
  • Present a written case explaining why you should be entitled to compensatory damages
  • Attempt to negotiate a settlement with lawyers for the defense, as the New York Times points out that a settlement, in many cases, may be preferable to trial
  • Go to trial if they cannot negotiate an acceptable settlement
  • Defend your rights throughout their term as your lawyer

The various forms of compensation that you may be entitled to could depend on the specific details of your accident, and the harm that the accident has caused you. A lawyer may be able to provide a range of compensation that you may request once they familiarize themselves with your case.

The percentage fee that an Orlando car accident lawyer ultimately takes could depend on the sum that they are able to win for you.

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