What Percentage Do Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers Take? If you were in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, a lawyer may represent you in a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit at no upfront cost to you.

Many car accident lawyers will represent you in your pursuit of financial compensation on a contingency-fee basis, meaning they will only receive payment for their services after you receive a financial settlement from the at-fault driver. The exact percentage Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers take after your claim is filed will be discussed when you meet with your lawyer, who will also inform you of any other applicable fees.

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A Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer Can Act as Your Advocate

When you are injured in a car accident, the driver who caused the accident should be responsible for your medical bills and other accident-related expenses and losses. Our personal injury team will represent your claim on a contingency-fee basis and go the extra mile to ensure your claim is successful.

When you trust your car accident personal injury claim to our team, we will:

  • Explain your options for full financial recovery
  • Complete required insurance claim paperwork
  • Value your current and future expenses and losses
  • File your claim on time according to Florida Statute §95.11

Assigning an accurate value to your claim is important because it prevents your claim from being undervalued and underpaid. We can also ensure you receive the PIP (personal injury protection) benefits you are entitled to according to Florida Statute §627.736.

Your Lawyer Will Assess and Value Your Financial Recovery Claim

Accurately valuing your compensation claim is an intricate, time-consuming process. While some aspects of your claim, such as current medical bills and income loss, require simple calculations, others are more complex, including:

  • Future medical expenses
  • Future income loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Physical disability

On your own, it can be difficult to value these portions of your claim. Our team can help assign a monetary value that ensures you are able to receive the future medical care your injuries require at no out-of-pocket cost to you. With our assistance, you can worry about getting better or helping an injured family member get better while we take care of everything else.

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File Your Claim for Compensation Against the At-Fault Driver

If you or someone you love is injured in a car accident, you can explore your options for financial recovery with a member of our team. With our personal injury team on your side, you will receive responsive legal care that goes the extra mile to secure the best possible financial outcome for your claim. Learn what percentage our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers may take from your settlement and find out how a lawyer may bolster and support your claim for compensation by calling the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733 today.