What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Orlando? Figures for what the average settlement for a car accident in Orlando are not generally available, nor would they be especially helpful for you.

Because each lawsuit contains unique variables, there is no way to provide an average settlement for a car accident in Orlando. Even if average figures exist, these totals may not be helpful for you. Some of the reasons why include:

  • The circumstances of every car accident differ, and only the facts pertaining to your accident may be relevant when determining the compensation you may be able to collect from a lawsuit
  • Juries and attorneys are not consistent from one lawsuit to another, so projecting awards from one lawsuit, participating group of attorneys, or pool of jury members to your potential lawsuit may not apply
  • The compensation you receive may depend on how well your lawyer performs or how well you argue your case if you choose to represent yourself

Speaking with a law firm representative may give you a better idea about what damages you may pursue for compensation in your lawsuit.

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A Lawyer May Fight for Larger Compensation on Your Behalf

According to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel, lawyers may be willing to take on your case regardless of how modest the compensation you are seeking is. Despite the amount of damages you are seeking compensation for, a lawyer may:

  • Want to fight on your behalf out of principle because they believe you are being wrongfully deprived of the compensation you are entitled to collect, whether through insurance or other avenues
  • Be able to win an amount of compensation that benefits you as well as their firm
  • Want to help you hold the party or parties who have caused you damages accountable

In calculating the compensation you may pursue, your lawyer may not rely on average settlement figures for car accident lawsuits in Orlando, but instead may:

  • Consider the evidence that negligence caused your accident
  • Consider the extent of your injuries
  • Consider how your injuries have impacted you financially
  • Consider how your injuries have impacted you psychologically, physically, and emotionally
  • Consider the total number and type of losses that you have suffered because of your accident

These may be the same considerations that a jury, judge, or opposing attorney will weigh during settlement negotiations or at trial, and they could be the most important elements in any personal injury lawsuit.

Once your lawyer has identified the damages they will seek, they may:

  • Compose a written argument for why you are entitled to such compensation
  • Assemble evidence and expert testimony to back up their arguments
  • Argue your case in settlement negotiations
  • Argue your case at trial if settlement negotiations are not successful
  • Take all other necessary steps to complete your lawsuit

Insurance.com statistics indicate that Florida may hold drivers financially accountable for automotive negligence more than most states, which could be to your favor should you find yourself the victim of an auto accident in Orlando.

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