What Is an Insurance Claim? We can help you file an insurance claim that accounts for all your damages after an accident.

An insurance claim is a request to an insurance company for coverage. An insurance company can respond to your claim by either:

  • Validating (accepting) the claim
  • Rejecting the claim
  • Offering a lowball settlement

Our team can handle insurance claims for several types of accidents.

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Who Can File an Insurance Claim?

You may file an insurance claim after any incident that your policy covers. When you hire one of our lawyers to handle your claim, they will:

  • Review the specifics of your insurance policy
  • Review the facts of your covered incident
  • Determine if insurance should cover your losses

Insurance claims are common in motor vehicle accidents. If you have been in an accident or were in another type of covered incident, one of our lawyers can help you.

How Can Our Firm Help with Your Claim?

Our team will handle the specific steps of the claims process. This includes:

Determining Your Coverage Limits

Coverage limits determine how much compensation you deserve. When we review your limits, we will find out:

  • What types of losses your insurance policy covers
  • How much coverage you can receive for each type of loss
  • Whether your insurance policy covers all of your losses

Once we determine how much coverage you deserve, we will pursue that coverage.

Filing Your Claim

You may need to submit formal paperwork to your insurance company. This is how you file a claim. We will file your claim for you.

Filing your claim generally requires us to:

  • Draft paperwork
  • Communicate with your insurance company
  • Deliver your claim through the appropriate method
  • Ensure that your insurance company receives the claim

Once we file your claim, we will monitor the insurance company’s response.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Two possibilities in your claim are:

  • The insurance company denying your claim
  • The insurance company offering too little compensation

Insurance companies can make these decisions for any number of reasons. We will review the specifics of a denial or insufficient offer and respond appropriately.

Gathering and Presenting Evidence

We will gather and present evidence that supports your claim. This can include:

  • Video footage of an accident
  • Photographs of injuries, property damage, or other covered losses
  • Other proof of injuries, like medical bills or medical images
  • Witness accounts that help explain your losses

This evidence could be key to a successful claim.

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What Does Insurance Cover?

Insurance claims can result in financial coverage for your losses. The type of coverage you may receive depends on:

  • What your losses are
  • What type of insurance policy you have
  • What specific losses your insurance policies cover

In the case of a car accident, insurance generally covers:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Medical expenses

It may also cover lost income, temporary transportation, and certain other losses. Every insurance policy is unique, and our team can explain your coverage options.

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When Should You File Your Claim?

An insurance claim is generally time-sensitive. You should contact our team to file your claim as soon as possible. Moving quickly on your claim could also:

  • Provide more time to gather evidence, documentation, and complete other claim-related duties
  • Give us time to resolve any unexpected challenges that arise during the claims process
  • Allow the insurance company to process your claim sooner

We will file your case according to the applicable deadlines.

What if Insurance Does Not Cover Your Losses?

If insurance does not cover your losses, then we can pursue compensation through other means. Insurance may not cover your losses if:

  • An at-fault party lacks insurance
  • An insurance company denies your claim
  • An insurance company presents a low settlement offer
  • Insurance does not apply to your circumstances

We can handle your lawsuit completely.

A Lawyer From Our Firm Can Help with Any Kind of Insurance Claim

Insurance claims can be necessary for a variety of circumstances. Beyond filing and completing your claim, our firm can:

  • Explain the basics of insurance claims
  • Help you arrange medical care
  • Answer any questions that you have
  • Protect your rights

We deal with your claim so that you can worry about your well-being.

How do You get Your Claim Started?

Reaching out to our team is the first step in starting your claim. We can take over your claim upon completing your free consultation. Once we accept your claim, you:

  • Can focus entirely on your health
  • Do not have to worry about your claim
  • Can await our updates about your case

You worry about getting better. We will pursue the compensation that you deserve, whether through an insurance claim or another path.

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