What Happens to the Body in a Side-Impact Accident? The neck and head may experience severe trauma during a side impact collision.

When a vehicle strikes another from the side, those in the vehicle struck by another may experience severe physical trauma. The body may be jolted by the impact of a side impact collision, and specific body parts could be twisted, bent, or rapidly moved in a way that leads to injury.

What happens to the body in a side impact collision could depend on where vehicle occupants are seated in relation to the vehicle that strikes theirs. The journal Injury Epidemiology explains that a person’s positioning within a vehicle could affect how severe their injuries are. No matter where a person is positioned, they could be injured if their vehicle is struck in the side by another.

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Side Impact Collisions Can Happen When Drivers Are Careless

The injuries that can come from a side impact collision can be serious and may even be deadly. Motorists should never expose others to such injuries, and those who cause a side impact collision could be legally responsible for their carelessness.

A side impact collision could occur because a driver is distracted. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains that distracted driving includes any act that takes a driver’s attention away from driving. A distracted driver may be more likely to:

  • Run a red light
  • Run a stop sign
  • Run a yield sign
  • Fail to stop for a vehicle with the right of way
  • Cause a side impact collision

Striking a vehicle in the side may happen for other reasons, such as a driver being intoxicated or on drugs. A driver who is under the influence could be more prone to distraction, may become drowsy, or may have difficulty perceiving their surroundings accurately. 

Whatever the reason for a side impact collision, the victim could be entitled to compensation for the losses that they suffer.

Injuries Can Cause Numerous Losses

If what happens to the body in a side impact collision is enough to cause injury, then the victim could experience numerous losses. An injured victim of a side impact collision could:

  • Be too injured to work
  • Lose their normal income
  • Have numerous healthcare expenses
  • Have mental and psychological issues related to their injuries
  • Have permanent disability
  • Be paralyzed
  • Die from their injuries

Those who suffer harm because of a side impact collision can hire a lawyer. Their lawyer will determine who is responsible for their injuries and losses and will file a lawsuit or complete an insurance claim, seeking compensation from the liable parties.

A lawyer can collect evidence, complete paperwork, interview witnesses, make legal appearances, and do everything else that is required to complete their client’s case. They will try to negotiate a fair settlement and take their client’s case to trial if settlement negotiations are not successful.

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