What Does a Truck Accident Lawyer Do? A truck accident lawyer will build a case on your behalf after an accident.

A truck accident lawyer focuses on cases involving commercial truck carriers and drivers. Steel trucks, concrete trucks, semi-trucks, big rigs, and other large vehicles are prone to some unique risk factors when they are involved in an accident. Similarly, these accidents also carry some unique legal and financial considerations. A truck accident lawyer helps defend your rights and builds a case on your behalf if you were involved in an accident with a truck of any kind.

Commercial truck drivers face some harrowing risk factors due to the nature of their jobs. Most drivers work long hours, carrying cargo and inventory across state lines in many cases. These trips often require many consecutive hours behind the wheel.

Too many hours behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle is known to cause fatigue and distraction. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specific hours of service regulations in place to prevent the kinds of accidents that may occur when a driver spends too many hours behind the wheel. Disobeying these regulations creates legal trouble for commercial truck drivers and their employers when their trucks are in accidents.

Once you hire a lawyer, they will investigate every detail of an accident. They will gather evidence such as photos, videos, and witness reports to aid in their investigation. In this process, they will aim to establish a liable party and hold them accountable for their actions.

If a driver’s employer played a role in an accident, then a lawyer will also communicate with them on your behalf. They can look at maintenance records and employer policies if mechanical failure caused an accident.

When a commercial vehicle carrier’s insurance adjuster gets involved, your lawyer will also communicate with them on your behalf. A lawyer will negotiate to recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses.

Hiring a truck accident lawyer after an incident will help you better understand your options for moving forward. However, certain state-specific laws limit your ability to do so under some conditions. As an example, the statute of limitations put forth in Florida Statutes §95.11 shows that anyone who suffers a personal injury in the state of Florida has a limited time to take legal action. If you fail to connect with a lawyer and get your case in motion within the statute of limitations, you risk giving up your rights to a just outcome.

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