What Do Truck Accident Lawyers Do? Truck accident lawyers can help those who suffered injuries and financial losses in a truck accident get justice.

Crashes with large and heavy trucks can cause fatalities as well as serious and permanent injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), large truck accidents were responsible for over 4,000 fatalities in 2018. While truck drivers may walk away from an accident unscathed, car drivers and occupants typically end up seriously hurt.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries and financial losses in an accident with a commercial truck or big rig, you might be interested in learning what truck accident lawyers do. Truck accident attorneys can potentially help you get the justice and compensation you deserve if another party is responsible for causing your truck accident and damages.

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Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents can be complex. Sometimes, it can be tough to determine who is ultimately responsible. A truck accident lawyer will leave no stone unturned in helping victims get justice.

Legal Advice and Guidance

Truck accidents may require a great deal of research and can be technical. Your lawyer knows the applicable laws and regulations and has access to professional expert witnesses to help prove your claim. A truck accident lawyer will be able to build a case against the negligent party.

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Identify All Liable Parties

We tend to assume that the truck driver is at fault for an accident. While this can indeed be the case, as driver-related causes are high on the list of reasons for truck accidents, there could be other liable parties, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). A lawyer will pursue every possible avenue for compensation. For this, they will seek to identify all liable parties, which can include a trucking company, a maintenance company, a truck manufacturer, and others.

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Collecting Evidence

A truck accident lawyer will be investigating the scene of an accident thoroughly and gather any witness statements, if available. Your lawyer will also look into the driver’s qualifications, driving record, and any logbook entries. They will make sure that the truck involved is inspected for any evidence. Your truck accident lawyer can also request records and insurance information from the trucking company. Finally, they can gather evidence for your damages, such as medical reports and proof of damage to your vehicle.

Calculate Your Damages

It can be tough to know exactly what your case is worth. If you have suffered serious and perhaps life-changing injuries, you may require medical treatments for the foreseeable future. Your truck accident lawyer can help calculate your economic damages as well as any non-economic damages, such as physical pain, emotional suffering, and loss of life quality.

Settlement Negotiations

Having a lawyer in your corner when it comes to any out-of-court settlement negotiations can be reassuring. It can also show the other side that you are determined to seek justice. A truck accident lawyer can fight for your rights and will work hard to achieve a fair settlement for you.

Representing You in Court

Having professional legal representation in court can be important. Consider that the at-fault parties will try to fight your claim vigorously with their legal teams. They may try to shift the blame for an accident on you or discredit any witnesses. A lawyer can protect you and your best interests in a trial.

Your Truck Accident Lawyer Can Fight for You

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