What Damages Can I Collect For an Orlando Truck Accident? The types of damages you can collect for an Orlando truck accident rest on the details of your situation.

The damages you can collect for an Orlando truck accident will rest on the details of the collision, including the severity of your injuries and the scope of your losses. Following a collision, you have the opportunity to pursue compensation either through an insurance settlement or a lawsuit.

Some recoverable damages in your case could include:

  • Healthcare expenses to treat the cost of your accident-related injuries
  • Any income you have lost due to your recovery period
  • Compensation for the physical pain and emotional suffering of the collision
  • Emotional trauma, if the collision caused you to develop mental health complications

These are only a few examples of recoverable damages following a truck accident. For your case to be successful, per the American Bar Association, we must prove that negligence contributed to your losses. From there, we can work to recover damages from the party responsible for your injuries.

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Types of Compensable Damages in a Truck Accident Case

The losses stemming from a car accident could result in financial stressors that put a strain on your resources.

However, if your case is successful, you may be able to receive coverage for:

Medical Expenses

The cost of your treatment and associated expenses are considered compensable. This also includes the cost of emergency transportation, emergency surgical procedures, and any assistive devices, such as a wheelchair.

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Lost Income

Due to your recovery period, you may be unable to return to work right away. If so, you could receive compensation that reimburses you for your missed time from work.

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Reduced Earning Capacity

While each truck accident is different, sometimes, claimants’ injuries are so severe that they are unable to return to their preferred job or field of employment. If so, you could pursue compensation for the difference of what you were making before the accident versus what you are capable of making now.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is considered a noneconomic damage because its value cannot be verified with receipts or invoices. However, this expense is meant to compensate you for the physical pain and emotional suffering of the collision. It can be calculated either by the insurance company or a personal injury lawyer, should you choose to work with one.

Emotional Trauma

Being injured in a truck accident can be a traumatic experience. If you developed a mental health condition (such as post-traumatic stress disorder) following the collision, then you could recover compensation for this damage.

This is not meant to serve as an exhaustive list. Damages you can collect for an Orlando truck accident will rest on the details of your accident.

A Lawyer Can Help You Seek Financial Justice

A lawyer can review your situation and determine your options for financial recovery.

Your lawyer may also:

  • Determine who is responsible for your losses
  • File and complete all paperwork involved with your case
  • Negotiate for compensation on your behalf
  • Defend your rights throughout the legal process

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against a negligent party, under Florida Statute §95.11, you generally have four years from the date of the accident to do so.

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