What Can I Do To Protect My Rights After an Orlando Truck Accident? Speaking with a legal team or a lawyer may be the first step you take towards protecting your rights after an Orlando truck accident.

Speaking with a legal team, and possibly a lawyer specifically, may be one way to protect your rights after an Orlando truck accident. Some ways that a lawyer may help defend your rights include:

  • Advising you on whether to speak to an insurance company before having a consultation with a lawyer
  • Advising you on how to speak with an insurance company if you cannot meet with a lawyer or their team first
  • Making you aware of various deadlines, such as the fourteen-day deadline to receive medical care after your accident, per Florida Statutes §627.736
  • Providing general advice about how you may proceed after your truck accident

There may be ample opportunity to make mistakes after a truck accident, whether you are aware of such pitfalls or not. A lawyer may help you become aware of possible hurdles to you obtaining fair compensation for your losses, and may assist you in avoiding those obstacles.

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How a Lawyer May Assist You After Your Accident

Orange County was home to nearly 32,000 motor vehicle accidents in 2018, per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. For the sake of your ability to obtain the compensation that you deserve, it may be important to distinguish your truck accident from the many other vehicle collisions that may occur on the roads of Orlando.

A lawyer may help uncover and organize the facts of your accident by:

  • Collecting and organizing evidence that is already available, such as police reports, your own injury-related documentation, and witness testimony
  • Interviewing witnesses again if their accounts are incomplete, and re-interviewing any new witnesses who may provide an account that is valuable to your lawsuit
  • Relying on investigators to seek additional evidence which may show you were the victim of negligence

In addition to obtaining and sequencing evidence pertaining to your lawsuit, your lawyer may:

  • Draft and file paperwork to initiate your lawsuit
  • Complete and file all subsequent paperwork which may be necessary to complete your lawsuit
  • Representing you in all court appearances
  • Calculating the compensation that you should be entitled to based on the totality of your losses
  • Representing you in settlement negotiations with attorneys for defendants named in your lawsuit
  • Guiding your lawsuit through a trial if necessary
  • Defending your rights

If your lawyer’s efforts are successful, then you may be able to collect compensation covering:

  • Income that you have lost, and may lose, because of your injuries
  • The cost of medical care for your injuries
  • The cost of rehabilitation for your injuries
  • The value assigned to pain and suffering resulting from your accident
  • Any decline in your earning power caused by your accident
  • Changes in your physical appearance caused by your accident
  • Any other losses that have come as the result of your accident

A lawyer may make winning compensation the central goal of your lawsuit.

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