What Can I Do to Protect My Rights After an Orlando Motorcycle Accident? You may tend to your health, document the scene, and exchange contact and insurance information to protect your rights after a motorcycle accident in Orlando.

To protect your rights after an Orlando motorcycle accident, you may:

  • Receive medical attention and documentation for the care you receive
  • Obtain insurance and contact information from other motorists or pedestrians involved in your accident
  • Obtain contact information from witnesses to the accident, as their accounts could prove to be important
  • Obtain a copy of any accident reports created by law enforcement officials
  • Call a legal professional for a consultation

Note that speaking with your insurance company is not on this list. Though you may need to file an insurance report and claim, you may wish to speak with a lawyer before doing so, as this could be vital to protecting your rights.

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Who May Violate Your Rights After an Accident

Hiring a lawyer before you pursue an insurance claim could be in your best interests. A law firm that handles motorcycle accidents could be ready to respond quickly after your accident, and obtaining their services may be easier than you realize. You may also not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs, as the American Bar Association (ABA) explains that your personal injury lawyer may charge you based on contingency—that is, only if they win.

Having a lawyer on your side could help protect you from attempted rights violations. Such tactics may include:

  • A motorist involved in your accident trying to get you to admit fault
  • An insurance company trying to get you to admit fault, either completely or partially
  • An insurance company trying to push a quick settlement on you, as a quick settlement may also be a lowball settlement
  • A law enforcement officer questioning your account of events

Though Florida Statutes § 768.81 notes that you may collect compensation even if you are partially to blame for your accident, you should not accept any fault that you do not deserve. Your lawyer may handle as much of your accident-related communications as they can, as statements that you do not make cannot be held against you.

Additional Services Provided By a Lawyer

In addition to protecting your rights after your Orlando motorcycle accident, a lawyer can handle your pursuit of compensation. You may generally pursue compensation through insurance, a lawsuit, or both.

You may generally attempt to obtain compensation through an insurance settlement first, as providing compensation after an accident is what insurance is for. You may not be able to receive all of the compensation that you need through insurance, however, possibly because:

  • The amount of insurance that your policy or the at-fault party’s policy provides does not cover your losses
  • The at-fault party does not have auto insurance, and you do not have sufficient uninsured driver coverage
  • An insurance company contests your account of the accident, disputes certain losses that you have suffered, or refuses to provide fair compensation for any reason
  • An insurance company uses bad-faith tactics as you attempt to complete your claim
  • Your loved one died in the motorcycle accident in question

If the insurance claim process does not provide the compensation that you deserve, then your lawyer can initiate a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf.

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A Lawsuit Could Provide You with Compensation

A lawsuit may result in your obtaining compensation that insurance could not provide. Some of the losses for which you may receive compensation through a lawsuit are:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost income
  • Damage to your motorcycle and other personal property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Costs related to permanent disability

You may have additional losses, and your lawyer may fight for compensation for all of the harm you have endured because of your motorcycle accident. If your loved one passed away from accident-related injuries, you could collect coverage for their lost income, funeral expenses, and loss of consortium, as explained by the Legal Information Institute (LII). Your lawyer may take care of the legal process by:

  • Collecting witness testimony
  • Organizing evidence of your accident scene, the accident itself, and any circumstances that led to your collision
  • Determining all parties responsible for your losses and naming them as defendants in your lawsuit
  • Hiring experts to testify in your favor
  • Filing your lawsuit and related paperwork
  • Making legal appearances on your behalf
  • Calculating all of your losses
  • Negotiating for pre-trial compensation through a settlement
  • Completing a trial

You may not need to go to trial if your lawyer can obtain a pre-trial settlement.

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