Should I Hire an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer for a Minor Accident? You may want to hire an Orlando personal injury lawyer even after an accident you consider minor, as the accident may not be as minor as you believe.

You may want to hire an Orlando truck accident lawyer for a minor accident, as your first impression of the accident could be deceiving. While a collision involving you or a loved one might appear to be minor, these circumstances could change as time passes. Issues that you were not previously aware of may arise, which could be costly in several respects.

Hiring a lawyer may be a preemptive move to protect you against violations of your rights.

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“Minor” Accidents May Be More Serious Than You Think

You may assume that your accident is minor if:

  • The damage to your vehicle does not appear to be extensive
  • You do not detect any immediate injuries or feel any obvious pain indicative of a serious injury
  • The impact of your accident was relatively low

These initial assumptions may be just that—assumptions. As time passes, you could discover that:

  • You do have injuries that may be quite serious, as injuries such as whiplash may not rear their head until hours or days after your accident, according to the Mayo Clinic
  • The damage to your vehicle is more serious than you believed
  • The accident was more serious than your initial impression led you to believe

The possibility that the status of your accident could escalate from minor to major over time means that hiring a lawyer after your Orlando truck accident could be in your interest.

A Lawyer Will Fight for Your Rights

You may have several concerns after a truck accident, including:

  • Tending to your health
  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Coping with the impact that the accident has on your ability to work
  • Dealing with any criminal aspects of your accident

A lawyer may be able to help you with these concerns by:

  • Advising you on any statutory requirements for reporting injuries from your accident
  • Referring you to medical professionals
  • Representing you in communications with insurance companies
  • Initiating a lawsuit if you choose to pursue compensation beyond what insurance may provide you
  • Defending your rights

You may call a law firm after being in a truck accident to learn how you can deal with the various impacts of a collision while your legal team defends you from attempted rights violations.

If you choose to bring a lawsuit, your lawyer may aim to obtain compensation for:

  • The cost of your accident-related medical expenses
  • Lost income resulting from your accident
  • The cost of physical and psychological rehabilitation
  • Any decline in your post-accident earning power
  • Pain and suffering

You may hire an Orlando truck accident lawyer for a minor accident if you or a loved one suffered injuries and losses.

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Do not wait to call a lawyer, as the 2019 Florida Statutes § 95.11 generally imposes a statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits (4 years) and wrongful death lawsuits (2 years). There may be exceptions to these statutes, and you may call a lawyer regardless of the time that has passed since your accident.

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