How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer? Hiring a car accident lawyer may not cost you anything out of pocket, as a lawyer may take their fee from any winnings that they secure for you.

It may cost you nothing out of pocket to hire an Orlando car accident lawyer, so long as you find an attorney who works on a contingency fee basis. Per the Florida Bar, a contingency-fee payment arrangement:

  • May be the generally accepted type of compensation agreement for personal injury lawsuits, including those involving an auto accident
  • May entail you and your lawyer agreeing that they will receive a certain percentage of any settlement or judgment that you win, and that percentage may vary based on a number of variables
  • May require you and your lawyer to document and agree to all terms and conditions before they begin representing you
  • May prevent your lawyer from receiving any payment unless they win some form of compensation for you

The Florida Bar adds that certain factors may impact the fee that your lawyer charges, including:

  • The point in your lawsuit at which you come to them for assistance
  • The amount of compensation they ultimately win for you

So, in terms of out-of-pocket expenses, hiring a lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit may cost you nothing.

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Contingency Fees Ensure Justice for All

According to an Economics and Law Office Management Survey published by The Florida Bar, attorneys in Florida earn a median salary of $300 per hour. This means that, for most people, hiring an attorney who charges by the hour (as opposed to a contingency fee basis) would be unaffordable.

The fact that a contingency-fee arrangement does not require any upfront payment or hourly billing means that:

  • It may ultimately cost you nothing to hire an Orlando car accident lawyer
  • Those who cannot afford to pay attorneys by the hour may have access to legal representation because of the contingency-fee arrangement
  • Clients do not have to pay for a lawyer’s services if the lawyer does not deliver the desired result of compensation
  • More people may be able to pursue the compensation they deserve when negligence causes them to become injured or otherwise harmed

A lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis could be especially invested in your case, as their compensation hinges on their ability to win for you.

You Could Win Through a Settlement or Judgement

The New York Times notes how, for plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits, settling can be a desirable outcome. While your lawyer may be prepared to take your case to trial if need be, they will fight to obtain the compensation you seek through a settlement with defendants named in your lawsuit.

Whether your lawsuit goes to a trial or concludes with a settlement, you may be able to collect compensation for:

  • Medical costs that you have incurred because of your accident
  • Lost income
  • Permanent disability
  • The cost of rehabilitation
  • Maiming or other superficial harm you have suffered
  • Pain and suffering

You may have additional losses, and your lawyer may push for you to be compensated for any and all losses stemming from your car accident.

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