How Much Should You Settle for After an Orlando Car Accident? The appropriate settlement after an Orlando car accident depends on the factors of your case.

There is no way to determine how much you should settle for after an Orlando car accident, without weighing specific details such as:

  • The financial losses you have suffered because of your accident
  • The extent to which one or more other people are responsible for your accident and resulting losses
  • The extent to which you can prove that other parties were negligent in causing your accident
  • The various non-financial ways that you have been negatively impacted by your accident

These (and possibly other) variables may ultimately determine the compensation you could request, as well as the awards that you may receive.

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The Cost of Car Accidents Varies

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the total cost of car accidents in Florida has topped $3 billion in a single-year period, and medical costs accounted for $40 million of those losses in that span. Not every accident which contributed to those total losses was equally expensive, however.

Every collision is independent of others, and therefore each may have different:

  • Levels of property damage
  • Resulting injuries
  • Circumstances that caused or contributed to the accident

It will be important to assess your accident under the lens of such specific considerations. Whether you are negotiating an insurance settlement or choose to pursue a lawsuit, you may want to consider:

  • Every single party who may have contributed to your accident
  • How any injuries you have suffered have impacted you—financially and otherwise
  • The specific behaviors that may have caused your accident

These considerations could play a role in determining how much you should settle for after your Orlando car accident.

A Lawyer Could Help You Seek Damages

Whether you intend to obtain fair compensation through insurance if possible—or you already believe that a lawsuit may be the only way for you to seek such fair payment, a lawyer may:

  • Speak with medical professionals to determine the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Help you calculate the amount of income you have lost because of your injuries, as well as income you are likely to lose in the future
  • Examine the facts of your accident to identify any and all contributing forms of negligence
  • Speak with you to understand all of the negative ways in which your accident has affected your life, as you may be able to collect compensation for non-financial losses

If you and your lawyer agree that a personal injury lawsuit, as explained by the American Bar Association (ABA), is a route you would like to pursue, then your lawyer may:

  • Draft and file your lawsuit in the proper Orlando court
  • Speak with defense lawyers to negotiate a settlement
  • Take your lawsuit to trial, if necessary
  • Defend your rights throughout the legal process

Your lawyer may have a clear mission: to prove negligence and obtain any compensation to which you are entitled.

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