How Much Is a Rear-End Truck Accident Worth? How much a rear end truck accident is worth varies depending on several factors.

How much a rear end truck accident is worth varies depending on several factors. In cases involving rear end truck collisions, a lawyer will examine the details of the accident and the damages that you suffered as a victim.

For example, the medical expenses that follow a rear end accident are often major. Treating injuries such as whiplash and broken bones is known to take a large financial toll. A lawyer who represents your position will look at these damages and others such as property damage, psychological trauma, and lost income as they establish a value for your case.

Rear end collisions are often more damaging among large vehicle types, such as trucks. As the information presented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows, trucks carrying large and heavy cargo need more time to come to a full stop. These vehicles have long stopping distances, often measuring out to the length of two football fields.

Factors such as these are often present in rear end truck accidents. Even when drivers of large commercial vehicles prepare for adverse road, traffic, or weather conditions, they may not always be able to avoid an accident given their vehicles’ size and nature.

Your lawyer will work to establish a liable party as they build up your case. A legal team will often collect evidence such as photos, videos, eyewitness interviews, and police reports. In this process, they will communicate with other drivers, commercial vehicle companies, insurance agents, and law enforcement officers on your behalf. Settlement amounts vary in rear end truck accidents, but a lawyer will fight to recover any financial compensation you deserve.

According to Florida Statutes §95.11, you have a limited time to take legal action after an accident that causes you a personal injury in the state of Florida. When you get in touch with legal representation after an accident, you give them the chance to build a case on your behalf. If you fail to act within the statute of limitations, then you may find that you have no options for moving your case forward.

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How much a rear end truck accident is worth fluctuates widely. A lawyer who focuses on these accidents will assess your damages in their fight for justice.

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