How Much Do Orlando Lawyers Charge for Accident Claims? A personal injury lawyer may not charge you any upfront expenses for their services, and could instead only take a portion of any compensation they win for you.

An Orlando personal injury lawyer may not charge you anything out of pocket for an accident lawsuit, if they work on a contingency fee basis. Because other personal injury lawyers in Orlando may also work on a contingency fee basis, you may not have to pay any money upfront for legal services if you do not want to do so.

Per the Florida Bar, a contingency-fee arrangement with your lawyer may mean that:

  • Your lawyer does not accept any money from you initially
  • You will come to an agreement with your lawyer about the portion of any settlement or judgment that they will collect should they win for you, which may be referred to as their “fee”
  • The amount that you could pay for legal services may be crystal-clear before your lawyer rendered any such services

Contingency fees may be the basis for the general idea that you do not have to pay your lawyer unless they win, and these arrangements may make sense for several reasons.

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A Contingency Fee May Allow You Access to Legal Services

There may be several benefits to a contingency-fee arrangement for both a lawyer and their client, which in this case may be you or your loved one. From a client perspective, paying a lawyer based on a contingency may:

  • Guarantee that you do not have to pay for legal services unless those legal services result in your obtaining compensation for your car accident-related losses
  • Spare you from having to pay any money upfront, which may have otherwise prevented you from accessing legal representation
  • Enhance the sense that your lawyer is in your legal fight as your partner, as they will not receive payment unless they help you achieve a successful outcome

From a lawyer’s perspective, a contingency may:

  • Provide additional incentive to work hard on behalf of clients
  • Allow them to represent clients that would not be able to pay for their services were it not for the contingency-fee arrangement
  • Allow them to determine which cases to take on based on the merits of each case, and nothing else

Hourly legal rates may be prohibitively expensive, and so Orlando personal injury lawyers may not charge anything upfront for accident claims so that they can provide their services to victims who may need them the most.

A Lawyer May Work Towards a Positive Outcome for You

Because you and a personal injury lawyer may both receive compensation only if you win, your lawyer may work hard to secure a positive outcome to your lawsuit. This outcome could come through:

  • A settlement
  • A judgement

Damages (“the sum of money the law imposes for a breach of some duty or violation of some right,” according to the Legal Information Institute (LII)) gained through a settlement in personal injury cases can be fruitful for clients and attorneys alike. Your lawyer may also be prepared to take your case through a trial if it is in your interest, as well.

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