How Do I Find a Good Orlando Car Accident Lawyer? You may be able to find a good Orlando car accident lawyer through word of mouth, via the internet, or by other means—if you prefer.

There are various ways that you may be able to find a good Orlando car accident lawyer, possibly including:

  • Word of mouth provided by friends, coworkers, family or others that you trust
  • Consulting any practicing lawyers that you know to obtain recommendations of personal injury lawyers in the Orlando area
  • Conducting research about local lawyers’ reputations and results using the internet

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Ways to Evaluate Prospective Lawyers

If you have not brought a lawsuit in the past, you may not be completely aware of the ways in which you might evaluate car accident lawyers in the Orlando area. Some questions that you may ask yourself as you search candidates who may become your lawyer include:

  • Does this law firm or specific lawyer have a track record of results?
  • Does this lawyer seem trustworthy, based upon any available media that their firm has published?
  • Does this lawyer generally include car accidents among the cases that they try?
  • What do published reviews of this lawyer say about the quality of their services?

As the Florida Bar notes, lawyers can be expensive. With this in mind, you may also want to consider:

  • Whether the lawyer you are researching offers a contingency-fee payment arrangement, which generally means that you do not have to pay for their services out of your own pocket
  • If they do not operate via contingency fee, how much it will cost you to retain their services

The American Bar Association (ABA) notes that there are more than 78,000 active attorneys in Florida as of May 2018, and that number could be even greater today. Finding a lawyer who you are comfortable with may not be easy, but could very well be possible.

A Lawyer May Be Responsible for Your Legal Fight

When you choose a lawyer, you may expect them to:

  • Invest a significant amount of time familiarizing themselves with your case
  • Put together a convincing argument that you were the victim of negligence, and that you are entitled to receive compensation as a result
  • Handle the creation of all necessary paperwork, including but not limited to your actual lawsuit
  • Determine the type and amount of damages that you will pursue
  • Represent you in negotiations with insurance companies and other lawyers, depending on the stage where your lawsuit currently is
  • Protect your rights

You may want a lawyer who takes these responsibilities seriously, and will do everything in their power to seek the compensation that you may deserve.

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