Do You Have to Go to Court in Orlando for a Car Accident? You do not necessarily have to go to court if you are seeking compensation related to a car accident in the Orlando area, as you may be able to reach a settlement before court is necessary.

It is not a given that you will have to go to court in Orlando for a car accident lawsuit. The New York Times notes that, in some cases, settling might be preferable than going to court for plaintiffs, and you might belong to this group.

Some benefits of settling may include:

  • Eliminating the risk that you could not collect compensation were you to lose your lawsuit at trial
  • Having a measure of control over the final outcome of your lawsuit, as your lawyer may ultimately sign off on the terms of your settlement
  • Reducing the time it might take for you to collect compensation
  • Avoiding the stress that you would incur from participating in a trial

If a trial proves necessary for you to have a chance to collect the compensation you might be entitled to, your lawyer may be ready to argue your case. However, this might not be necessary, as you may obtain compensation without ever having to enter a courtroom.

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Insurance Provides No Guarantee of Fair Payment

A lawyer may be able to represent you in settlement negotiations with an insurance company. If they are successful, you may not even have to consider bringing a lawsuit. However, there is no guarantee that an insurance company will operate in good faith, and you could find that:

  • They do not offer coverage for your most substantial losses
  • They may not issue payment beyond the limits provided by the liable party’s policy
  • Insurance, for whatever reason, is not sufficient to cover your losses

Investopedia notes that several prominent auto insurance companies—including companies like State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, and Nationwide—are publicly-held companies with a clear profit motive. As a general rule, it may be against these companies’ interest to pay you any more compensation than they absolutely have to. Fortunately, a lawsuit is an alternative route to seek the compensation you need.

A Lawsuit May Be a Pathway to Compensation

You could be facing several existing and future expenses if you were injured in a car accident. It is possible that:

  • You are accumulating medical bills
  • You are not able to work, which may add to your financial stress
  • You may not have a clear idea of when you will be able to work again
  • You could face future medical expenses
  • You may have other accident-related expenses that are adding further strain to your life, such as property damage
  • Your physical and mental health is suffering because of stress caused by your accident

These losses may be covered if you are able to obtain compensation through a lawsuit, whether you come to a settlement agreement or win a judgment. A lawyer may be able to handle the majority, if not all, of the aspects of your lawsuit regardless of whether you have to go to court in Orlando for your car accident.

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