Can I Sue Someone Personally After an Orlando Car Accident? You may be able to sue someone personally after an Orlando car accident if they contributed to injuries to you and their insurance policy does not provide adequate coverage.

It may be necessary to sue someone personally after an Orlando car accident if:

  • The individual you are suing contributed in some way to injuries resulting from your car accident
  • The individual’s insurance policy is not enough to cover the accident-related losses that you have suffered and that they may be responsible for inflicting

A lawyer may be able to help you file a personal injury lawsuit against one or more individuals if the above conditions are present.

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Individuals May Be Held Liable for Their Negligent Actions

In certain cases, individuals who were in an accident may have their insurance company cover all the harm that they caused. In other cases, insurance does not cover the extent of the damage that a motorist can inflict on others, and a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be warranted.

There may be many acts that could make a motorist legally responsible for another person’s losses, including yours. Some of the actions or failures to act that may result in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, which is illegal according to the 2019 Florida Statutes § 316.193 and could also be punishable in civil court
  • Engaging in a hit and run accident, which the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) notes could indicate additional types of negligence, such as drunk driving or distracted driving
  • Driving aggressively, which may include speeding and failing to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Running a red light or disobeying other road safety markers
  • Failing to provide adequate room for pedestrians near the road
  • Texting while driving or engaging in other forms of distracted driving

Your accident may contain a particular set of facts and circumstances that may impact:

  • Whether you are a candidate to bring a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit
  • The type and amount of compensation that you could collect
  • Your lawyer’s approach to pursuing compensation

A lawyer may be able to determine whether you can sue someone personally after an Orlando car accident or whether other legal routes would be a preferable option.

There Are Many Possible Outcomes of a Car Accident

If you hope to seek compensation for losses you or a loved one sustained in a car accident, you may be able to do so:

  • Through a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company, which a lawyer may negotiate on your behalf
  • Through a noninsurance settlement, which a lawyer may also negotiate
  • Through a judgment awarded as the result of a trial

A lawyer may advise you on which route you may want to pursue, based on the facts of your accident.

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