Two Semi-Truck Rear-End Collision On I-75 A two-truck collision on I-75 is being investigated by the police.

A two-truck collision on I-75 is being investigated by police. A blue tractor-trailer rear-ended another semi-truck before crashing into a guardrail near the Stirling Road Overpass in Davie.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol the collision happened on I-75 when a truck with a blue cab struck the left rear of a second truck that was carrying a shipping container on its trailer. The semi with the blue cab was hauling pallets of metal beams when the collision happened and it’s cab was badly damaged when it struck the guardrail on the east side of the highway after the collision. As a result of the angle the semi came to rest at three lanes of traffic were blocked causing a gridlock all the way to Pines Boulevard. No other vehicles were involved in the accident besides the two semis.

According to Lt. Alvaro Feola a driver was transported to the hospital just as a precaution and no serious injuries were reported.

All the lanes have since reopened and an ongoing investigation is currently under way to determine the cause of the crash. Details of the parties involved in the accident are yet to be released by the authorities and no further information has been released.


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